Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are Manner's a Thing of the Past?

It's kinda funny when you start to look at the trends of the times....1950's women stayed home and took care of the home and kids...then things changed..women rights moved in and we all went to work and let someone else raise our kids....now look at us....a lot of us choose to stay home once again and take care of our homes and raise and school our children....funny how things kinda move in a circle....
The reason I am doing this blog is for the question..."When did we stop teaching our children to respect adults and to be unmannered?" We have started teaching them to call adults by their first names instead of Mr. and Mrs. (last name) ..I am not sure how I even started letting them call adults by their first names..I really think it started in daycare with my two oldest (this is Miss. Kathy)...Even today at 34 I still out of respect for my elders use Sir and Mamn and Mr. and Mrs. do you? Also, I see more and more kids...even my own that have not a clue how to act in a social setting when it comes to manners....
So are we failing our children in the respect department? Are they going to understand when they get older how to be well mannered? Or are manner's just a thing of the past? I for one am going to start making my children use adults last names, sir and mamn and to teach them the value of respect your elders...and we are also going to work on table manner's, social manners..etc...What do you think? I would love to hear how you are teaching your children manners!
Later Tators!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

My 2 year old got up in the middle of the night last night to use the restroom, my hubby got up with him. I was laying there listening to the little patter of little feet cross our wood floors and it made me think back to the days of when I wanted to hear that sound again..little patter of feet around the house. See I have two older and two younger kids, I was in my early 20's with my two older kids and to be honest didn't really have the time to enjoy them as much as I wish I could have, I was kinda learning the ropes of being a mom and trying to work full time and also be young and single all at the same time. Now being in my 30's and married again and a stay at home mom, I get to relax some and enjoy life's little pleasures...and big pleasures...not only do we have little patter of feet...we have huge stumping of feet running around....And life can be well, a little hectic at times...dealing with one that is getting ready to be a teenager and boy oh boy does she have a mouth on her...gets her into trouble all the time...moody hormonal child...wonder if the hormones get worse...praying they calm down some!!! Then I have the 10 year old HYPER boy that has more energy then the energizer bunny....and can talk and talk and talk...then my 2 year old...whom I have to say is the best acting out of all of them....so far!!....he thinks he is 8 years old, he even potty trained himself at 18 months! The last but not least my 15 month old climber..boy oh boy...he is a hand full....and a total mama's boy...if he would have been my first...he would have been my last, but he is a total cutie....the Lord really knows what he is doing when he gives you kids for sure!! So sometimes as you can read it is a total zoo around here....they can totally drive me crazy..to the point I ask my husband..."Why in the hell did we have so may kids?" "What were we thinking?" But I know the answer to those question's..its for those amazing moments. The one's when all is calm and life seeps through the insanity..When you tear up when you watch your child succeed at something, see him learn, or just to walk with your children and remembering to stop and smell the flowers...the moments where you can breath and remember why you had all these kids and remember that there will always be these little amazing moments that you will remember forever and that's what make it all worth wild! So when life gets a little hectic and you feel as you are losing it and don't know how you can go on...just remember one of those amazing moment will be around soon...and you will once again be able to breath ....

On the family side...we went swimming at the lake yesterday. Had a wonderful time hint one of the amazing moments! The babies loved swimming for the exception my 2 year old at first did not like the fact that his swim suit was wet..he tried taking it off...lol....my two older children found friends as soon as we got there, one being a boy one year older then my daughter...who asked my child out on a date!! She is 12.....So I said....friends only..she is not aloud to go out on dates till she is 16. Do you think that is to old? I know times have changed but wow...I was just taken back..was not expecting that yesterday!! But I know the time will come will I will have to worry with this concept this totally new teenager life...and all the fun stuff that comes along with it....See I was not allowed to date till I was 16, but that did not stop me from lying about it and sneaking around and all that fun exciting stuff that you do when are a teen.....and boy oh boy was I terrible... my mom placed on me the curse that I swear all moms use..."I hope you have a child that acts just like you do!" Well, it works!!!! Because I do..she is just like me at that age and I know it only gets crazy from here....so I guess I should put on my seat belt and sit back and try to remember that those little amazing moments will slip in here and there and I will be able again to breath once more!!..
Later Tators!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goal Pants

So do you have those old GOAL PANTS stuffed in a drawer, hanging in your closet, or laying in your cedar chest. Wherever they are most women have at least one pair of pants they have kept forever hoping they will one day be able to squeeze back into them. Mine are in my cedar chest, older pair of work pants that I love and make me look ohhh so skinny. Can barley zip them up now a days...but I can get them on...my best friend, hers are a pair of military pants that she wore years and years ago in the air force...she says she just wants the bum and waist back...her thighs are already way gone....It's kinda silly when you think about I guess, why do we keep that one pair of pants...are we all so wrapped up in what society thinks of the perfect size? Or do we just wish for our younger bodies back? I still for one think great bodies are wasted on the young adult...18, 19, 20..they don't even know what life is about..they have not earned those bodies...we the older women...have gone through ups and downs, had babies and deal with husbands....where's our perfect body?? Where is our reward of ever lasting perky boobs and rock hard bums...lol...When I look into my children's eyes I remember where my perfect body went....and how much it was worth losing that "perfect body"....and gaining the stretch marks, flabby bum, and a belly that no longer will sink in...it flops out....but maybe one day...I will reach my goal for my body...with allot of exercise and eating well...maybe....oh hell who am I kidding....exercise and eating well....no matter how hard I try....I always forget to do those two things....lol...BUT I for one am not throwing out my GOAL PANTS...they will sit in the old cedar chest and every once in a while I will break them out, try them on...and get depressed and deal with my own self pity and ponder why I cannot fit into those pants......I've only had Four kids, why is my body not the same as it was before them!!!...lololol.....Do you have a pair of GOAL PANTS?
Later Tators!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vegetarian Meals *(updated on Oct. 1, 2008)*

Okay, this is a quick list of meals I have on hand..but I have downloaded more and will add the others later on... Like I said this is just a go to list when you can't think of what you want for dinner...

Vegetarian Meals

1. Lentil Rice Casserole, green beans, bread
3cups vegetable broth
3/4 cups lentils uncooked
1/2 cup brown rice uncooked
3/4 chopped onion
1/2 tsp. basil
1/4 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. thyme
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Blend all together in a casserole dish. Bake covered for 1 1/2 hours at 300. During the last few minutes you can add shredded cheese on top.

2. Fried Rice, Chinese Beans, Salad with Ginger dressing
Fried Rice, cook rice as normal, then add to a skillet and add scrambles eggs, onions salt, garlic powder and soy sauce all to taste ( you can also add cooked frozen veggies if desired)! Chinese beans from a can, and enjoy with a salad!

3. Zucchini and Veggie meat Casserole, Red Beans, Bread
Couple boxes of veggie burgers (depends on how much meat you want)
1 1/2lbs of Zucchini, sliced and steamed
1 1/2 cup potatoes (cooked and cubed)
1/2 cup shredded cheese
1 tblsp onion minced
1/4 cup mushrooms
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup bread crumbs
Grease a casserole dish, layer burger, zucchini, potato and cheese, season, Melt some butter in a skillet add onions and mushrooms until tender, then add flour until smooth, add mild and stir until thickened. Pour sauce over layers, top white bread crumbs and bake at 350 for an hour!

4. Oven Fried Rice, Salad with Ginger Dressing or Miso Soup
Oven Fried Rice
2 cups uncooked rice
3 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup cooking oil
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 can mushrooms (or not)
1 diced onion
1 diced green pepper
1pkg. onion soup mix
Veggie Burgers crumbled to a small size
Mix all together in a 9x13 pan, cover with foil, bake at 350 for 1 hour.
I just use the powdered Miso soup on the oriental section (cheap and easy to make)

5. Butternut Squash Soup, Bread

1 large butternut squash (the longer the better) ;)
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 large yellow onion, chopped
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 13-ounce can light coconut milk
1/4 cup water
Nutmeg for garnish

First, soften the squash so you can cut it: Find a pot large enough to hold the whole squash. Fill it with water and bring to a boil. When water is at a rolling boil, put the squash in and boil 3 to 5 minutes, until a knife easily slices the skin. Take squash out, and let it cool, and cut in half lengthwise.
While squash is cooling, preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Rub the squash with 1 tablespoon olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Put the squash, cut side up, on a cookie sheet and place in oven for an hour.
When the hour is almost up, put the remaining olive oil in a pan and turn heat to medium. Add the chopped onion to the pan, cooking the onion until it’s translucent and soft. Add the brown sugar and continue cooking for about three minutes. Turn off heat.
When squash is finished cooking, scoop out the flesh with a spoon and put it in a blender. Add the onion-brown sugar mixture, coconut milk, and water. Blend until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle each bowl with a dusting of nutmeg.

6. Taco Salad, Cheese Quesadilla's
Taco Salad, use chips, lettuce, refried beans (black refried beans are what we use), cheese, sour cream, salsa..just layer how you want.
Cheese quesadilla, just flour tortillas and cheese, cook in oven till cheese is melted

7. Veggie Chicken Parmesan, Corn on Cob, Bread
Quorn veggie chicken breast 1 egg
1/2 cup milk
seasoned bread crumbs
2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil
slices mozzarella cheese,
1 jar spaghetti sauce
Parmesan cheese
Whisk together the egg and milk. Dip the chicken breasts in milk and egg mixture and then in bread crumbs. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Brown the chicken in the hot oil on both sides until golden, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Set chicken in a baking dish. Slice pieces of mozzarella cheese and put two on each chicken breast. Pour 1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce over all. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and a little more shredded mozzarella and bake at 350° for about 25 to 30 minutes, or until bubbly.

8. Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes, grits, eggs,home fries, etc.)

9. Veggie Turkey, Mash Tators, Pinto Beans, Bread
I buy the Quorn veggie turkey, and bake according to directions. And I make a brown gravy to use as a side.
I buy a bag of red potatoes and cut them up, boil to you stick a fork through a potato piece, drain and then mash them up and add butter and sometimes sour cream.

10. Baked Ziti, Corn on Cob, Salad, Garlic Bread
Ziti noodles cooked
Spaghetti sauce
Shredded cheese
Layer sauce, noodles, cheese and repeat, end with cheese on top. Bake on 400 till the cheese is all melted and the sauce is bubbling.
We cook our corn on the cob wrapped in foil and on the grill (yum)

11. Chili Cheese Fries (Made with real potatoes)
Bag of red potatoes or whatever potatoes you like
Can of chili (or homemade which ever)
Shredded Cheese
Wash and cut potatoes to look like fries best you can
put them on flat pan, rub oil on them (I use olive oil) and bake them till done
Cook chili according to can, then place a large amount of cut fries on plate, cover with cheese and then cover them with chili..yum!

12. Poutine (yes Canadian)
Normal size fries, not skinny or crinkle (enough to cover each person's plate)
Shredded cheese (in Canada they use cheese curds)
Brown Gravy
Bake fries in over, cover a plate full of them, cover fries with shredded cheese (whatever amount), then pour gravy all over the fries!

13. Veggie Chicken Salad, Stuffed Baked Potato
I just make a regular salad or buy the bag salad and either get the quorn chicken breast or the morning star farms chick patties and cook those and cut them up and add to salad!
Bake potato like normal and when ready to eat, stuff with cheese, broccoli, chives, sour cream, butter, etc.

14. Veggie Beef Stroganoff, Pinto Beans, Bread
I use the veggie beef strips, egg noodles and package brown gravy cook all according to packages and then just eat.

15. Mac and Cheese, Pork n Beans, Bread

16. Eggplant Parmesan, Corn, Garlic Bread
1 tablespoon water
Eggplant, cut into 3/4 inch thick slices
Dried bread crumbs, seasoned
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Spaghetti sauce
Grated Parmesan cheese
Dip eggplant slices in egg mixture then in crumbs, being sure to coat thoroughly.Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add eggplant slices and reduce heat to medium. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes per side or until golden brown and tender. In a 9x13 inch baking dish spread spaghetti sauce to cover the bottom. Place a layer of eggplant slices in the sauce. Sprinkle with mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Repeat with remaining ingredients, ending with the cheeses. Sprinkle basil on top. Bake on 350 for 35 minutes, or until golden brown.

17. Veggie Burgers, Fries or Baked Potato
We like to cook our veggie burgers out on the grill

18. Chili, Corn Bread
Can or homemade chili and I just make my corn bread from a package

19. Sloppy Joes, Fries or Potato, Salad
Veggie Burgers
Large can of Manwich
French Fries
Put veggie burgers in microwave to defrost, then break them up small as you can and put burger pieces and manwich in skillet and cook till warm, put on bun and eat with fries.

20. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Tomato Soup

21. Tofu Veggie Stir Fry, Rice or Egg Noodles
Tofu cubed and cooked in a skillet till browned
Add frozen veggies and I use teriyaki sauce and just keep stirring till veggies are done.
I cook those egg noodles to eat with this...so yummy!

22. Pinto Beans, Collard Greens, Cucumbers in Vinegar, Grilled Onions, Corn Bread

23. Bean and Rice Burritos, Nachos
We use black refried beans and cooked rice, along with sour cream, cheese, and whatever else you like.
nachos, we use blue corn chips and just put tons of stuff on them bake until cheese melts and eat with salsa, sour cream and guacamole!

24. Boston Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese, Slaw, Cucumber in Vinegar, Bread

25. Veggie Meat Loaf, Mash Potatoes, Butter Beans, Bread
I use veggie burgers to make this meat loaf, then as usual just add egg and whatever else you want in your meat loaf.
I make my own potato's, see #9 for directions.

26. BBQ V. Chicken, Rice, Green Beans, Pintos, Bread
I buy the Quorn veggie chicken breast and just bake with lots of bbq sauce, cook everything else like normal and enjoy

27. V. Beef Stew, Bread
I use the veggie beef strips and whatever veggies we like and maybe some rice or egg noodles and cook in crock pot.

28. Stuffed Shells in Red Sauce, Salad, Bread
I just buy the stuffed shells in the freezer section for this meal!

29. V. Ribs, Rice, Lentils, Bread
You can get veggie ribs in the freezer section, cook rice and lentils as normal.

30. Veggie Pot Pie
2 pie crust
Any veggies and meats you like
Cook your veggies and meat, mix together and pour into 1 pie crust, then put the other pie crust on top, seal and flute and bake until crust is golden brown!

31. Falafel Balls, Hummus, all on Pita bread with Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomatoes
We just buy the boxed falafel mix and make it that way, we also buy our hummus but homemade I am sure is better!

32. Chinese Take Out!!!!

33. Pad Tai
We just buy in the Asian section in boxes, two boxes serves a good amount for three or four! Look on package for all the ingerdents and directions!

34. Egg Noodles and Cut Hot Dogs with Veggies
Cook egg noodles, drain and then add veggie cut up hot dogs and any sort of veggies, cook all together and eat!

35. Bake Bean Casserole
Veggie burgers cooked and crumbled add baked beans from can to the meat then mix with ketup, mustard, and molasses to taste! Place in microwave till warm! Eet with either rice or mash potato's.

36. Pizza Hut $5.00 pizza's

37.Veggie Chicken Nuggets and Fries!

If you have some to add or you know how to make any of these any easier or cheaper! Make a comment and let me know! Later Tators!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being new in town

(in picture: Me)
Not knowing anyone in this town is really taking a toll on me. I love my hubby and kids, but it would really be nice to have a girl to hang out with and gossip with, shop with...I am thankful my friend Tami is coming up this week for a day or two. Besides the town, I love living in this house, it is very private on about 6-8 acres some trees some open..two story house, plenty of room for the kiddos...it's a rental but I would love to buy it..if we plan on staying here..but as you already know...I don't want to stay here...so I guess we will see...
So my 15 month old will not sleep in his crib..he wants to sleep in our bed...he is a total bed hog, for someone soooo small he takes up a whole lotta space :) he pushes my hubby out sometimes...LOL....we have to get him to sleep in his own bed...I am seriously thinking of getting him a twin size bed and putting rails up all around...he needs the space...haha...
I have been downloading all the recipes for my homemade cleaning supplies and for all my new cooking recipes...I am going to put them into notebooks so I will have them all together when they are needed. I am going to try to blog my meal list today, so whomever wants a list of meals to choose from can just print them out...if not today it will be tomorrow!
Ugg my 15 month old woke up cranky..thank God for Barney..he loves watching it!! But I think we are going to play outside in a few...just to get out..it looks nice!! Okay, my two year old is begging for me to put Blue's Clues on so I guess I will end this here...need to enjoy some peace and quite before the two older ones get up and start their usual fights..Ahhhhh motherhood.... ;) Later Tators!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Pictures

(in picture: my grandparents on my mom's side)
So my project this year is dealing with all the pictures I have..I have tons and tons! I also am one of those people that have like a million disposable camera's that never got developed. So this year I am determined to get them all developed and hopefully start photo albums I went through some of the pictures I have last night, cause I am trying to use all the good landscape pictures I have taken, turn them into 5x7 black and white photos and hang them in a funky design in my upstairs hallway. Idea taken from one of my precious decorating magazines..lol....
So far I have landscape pictures from Canada, Charleston SC, The Beach, Mountain Area's, View from some of our road trips, and some from my favorite place Savannah GA. Ahhhhh Savannah I really hope I get the chance to live there someday! Visited on our honeymoon and just fell in love with the place. Okay anyway, back to reality. Just looking at all the old photos I was laughing and having those flash backs from way back when....and flashes of ohhh my, my work is totally cut out for me on these albums...and I still have about 10 camera's left to develop...and all my pictures taken with my digital camera that are on my computer... ugggg....But the outcome will be worth all the work! My "by the end of the year" project will most likely run into next year...but hey as long as it gets done...I mean really we are dealing with a total procrastinator here..lol....
On the family side...went to the farmer's market yesterday, got tons of fresh fruits and veggies to start our new healthy eating plan...we also ate some roasted corn a man was selling...it was totally yummy...we are defiantly going to cook some of that on the grill....After the market we came home and I went to Wally world and did some shopping...bought a cork board to use to implement my new chore charts...each person will get a list printed out weekly of things that have to be done and if they get done they get a small reward or an allowance...if they don't get done....no reward/allowance.....so we will see if this works!! Prayer's needed for this ;)
My BF Tami is stopping by this week for a night or two on her way to moving to NY! Can't wait to see her and her daughter Danielle !!!
Whelp, I guess I will end this here. I really need to get up and start my day of cleaning and outside play...looks nice out! Later Tators!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Deep Freezer

So I am in the market for a small deep freezer. The fridge/freezer I have in this rental house is pretty small for a family of six. I have this idea if I get a deep freezer, I can do the cook for a day eat for a month kinda thing. That way all we have to do is pick what we want to eat that night, break it out of the freezer and throw it into the oven and tada...dinner is done. Hopefully that will help us not eat out so much. I have this wonderful 32 day menu wrote out and thinking of new meals everyday to through on on the menu plan, all frugal meals cheap can eat prolly under 300.00 a month which is my goal....but I have to stop eating out so much for it to work!!!!! But I love Chinese take out......So I am going to try to limit our take out meals to 4 times a month, to start. Yes we eat out more than that now..I know money down the drain...or the old food pipe...lol... That gives us one day a week to get take out or go out to eat..then limit it to 3 times a month and so on...that way I do not go into DT's for Chinese...and Mexican...yumm..lol...Luckily my hubby can cook up some awesome Mexican food..and I am trying to learn how to cook tofu the way they do at my local Chinese restaurant...which rocks btw.... Hopefully my plan works..I really want to start saving money on food...I also am going to try to get the timer for my hot water heater installed this month. Will let you know if that makes a difference!

BTW, did you know you can use white vingar in your rinse section in the dishwasher instead of jet dry...have not tried yet but I just bought some and when I run my dishwasher I will let you know if it works and how well......

Anyway, the hunt is on to try to find that deep freezer.....wish me luck! Later tators!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stupid Airplane

Okay, so these two airplanes keep flying over my house...every day!!! My hubby says they are teaching some of the teens to fly..and of course the flight plan flies them right over my yard...errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am tired of listening to it go over my home and I am tired of being on stage for all that passes over....I live surrounded by trees...very private......for the exception now of planes flying over......I hope this does not last all summer...but I have a feeling it will.....Maybe I should go ask them since they are bothering me if they will give my kids free flying lessons...lol...think they would go for that..lololahhahahahaah prolly not....

Other news...mom came up and helped me decorate my den..it is all done..in beach theme...used my wedding photo to set the theme...it looks really good...love it....still need to decorate upstairs in my kids so called tower....they have it to themselves....not sure what to do with that so far....

Onward to new subject..haha..yes i jump around allot....I have been daydreaming of living in Savannah again...really wish we could move there....but I have a feelin I will be in this small ass town forever!!!!! Not... Can't get a vacation of my mind either...but my x-husband will not keep up with his flippin child support...so no extra income for fun stuff right now....gotta love those ex's.....oh well...gives me someone to yell out..hahahahaha......

Okay, enough for now....I will vent more later. ;) later tators!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


in pictures: my son preston on zip line and daughter kiersten skate boarding both at camp)

So Preston is at camp this week, which makes me think of my years spent at camp. Wow did I have lots of fun. Do you remember how easy it was being a kid? Sure we had our hard times to, but nothing like being an adult. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to camp for a week or so? Just to do nothing but crafts, swim, sing songs around a camp fire and all sort of just free things. Trust me I have looked into all of the family camps they offer, it may be something we try one year when my little ones get a bit older. Ahhh youth....all the mystical things about being young and believing the world was good and you were invincible. What a shock when you grow up...the world is not okay and you are not invincible. There are bills to pay, a job to go to, still mean people to deal with, and no Santa Claus...Easter Bunny, Etc. well, until you have kids of your own....okay, maybe you will get the tooth fairy again later on...lol.....gosh I hope I keep my teeth..lol...
All and all tho. I get to play all the make believe characters now and it is fun....my daughter now knows they are all make believe my three younger ones still believe. Tristan is getting to the age it is really fun to do all of this make believe.....this will prolly be Preston's last year and I will tell him the truth....but I know he already suspects.....now that Kiersten knows tho...she totally makes me a huge list and says okay I want this and this...please...lol....
Anyway, on to something different. My mom is coming on Wed. and I have to get my house in order....don't really feel like making it sparkle but I must....all I keep thinking is that I really want to get out of town...just need to get away from the norm for a little while...feeling a bit bogged down.....need some different scenery for sure!
Okay, this is it for now....maybe I will post something later on....later tators!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Do you ever...

1. Lay in bed all day
2. Take a really long shower
3. Go for a long drive by yourself to escape
4. Buy something you really don't need, just because
5. Dance around like a crazy person when no one is looking
6. Sing really loud in the car
7. Eat all day and it seems you can never get full
8. Daydream
9. Whistle at the birds
10.Yell Moo at the cows when driving by them
11.Tell little white lies to make someone feel good
12.Yell at someone just for the sake of yelling
13.Just want to smack someone ;)
14.Talk baby talk with your kids
15.Worry way to much
16. Forget to call people back
17.Go months without talking to a certain friend
18.Brag way to much about your kids
19.Wish you lived on a tropical island
20.Wonder why you read of all these...LOL

On the other side of life, I pulled my back out last night. Took a really hot shower today and it helped enough for me to get Preston packed and off to camp. Soon as we got there he made a friend...just standing there looking at all of those hyper boys..made me very happy I am not a camp counselor. Tristan and I went antique shopping after dropping Preston off...bought a neat lamp.
So my house is a mess...no matter how much I seem to clean...my mom is coming for a visit on Wed. so it has to be clean....lol....my bf Tami and her daughter Danielle are coming for a visit next week..she is moving to NY and is stopping by here on her way up....so yes Cleaning is what I will be doing for the next few days....sound like fun....
Well, I guess I should get off the net and cook dinner since it is 7:30...of course I wait to cook until Sebastian wakes up from a late nap and is all cranky...But that is how life goes.....
Words to end on.....hum......can't think of any ...LOL....later tators!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


(in picture: my four kids at Niagara Falls Sept. 07 on the way to visit grandparents in Canada)

Really need a vacation. Just some time to get away from everything. Thinking about trying to take one sometime this month. Not sure where to go tho. somewhere relaxing and it has to be sorta close to here. Poor Sebbie he just cannot take being in the car for to long. He will cry and cry...not sure why..So it is sounding more an more like the mountains and not the beach since I do not want to get into a bathing suit this year..lol...still trying to lose those last few pounds of baby weight...it is coming off finally..but slowly....
So besides needing a vacation our Forth of July and our belated Canada day (July 1st my hubby is Canadian) was nice, we cooked out, played games, and set off our own little fireworks..Sebbie didn't like the fireworks to much, so he sat inside and watched Barney...his favorite show...lol...all and all tho it was a really nice and relaxing day!
For today, I have to start getting Preston packed for camp. He leaves tomorrow for the week, so it will only be Kiersten and the little one's here. Even tho Pres will be missed, there will be no fights to break up this week between the oldest two....so to say the least it will be a little quiter than usual. Just like last week when Kier was at camp...so a little break for mom..... ;0)
Okay, well I am ending this now...since it has taken me about an hour just to write this...with the babies and older ones coming in and out of here and needing things...oh well....that is the way life goes when you have four kids... :) Alone time....hum what is that again...lol.. later tators!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


( in picture: me on our honeymoon in Savannah Georgia 06)

Just thought I would tell a little about me. My name is Tiffiney, I am 34 years old...married to Terry a wonderful man who is an archaeologist, we have four kids ages d-Kiersten 12, s-Preston 10, s-Tristan 2, s-Sebastian 1. We are living in a very tiny town in V.A. in a pretty good size house on lots of land. I have lived all of my life in NC and just have moved to VA this past March for my hubby's job. It has been an adjustment living in a very tiny town. Do not know really any people besides my family. So I have really started trying to get online to meet people.
You will have to forgive my spelling I am a terrible speller..lol..and I also have a tendency to jump from subject to subject..but I will try to be good..Oh yea and I use lots of .....dots....lol...
I decided to start a blog after reading my step sister's blog and loved her idea of having kinda of a journal about her and her families lives. So I decided to start my own, can't say I will write in mine everyday, since I stay pretty busy with my kids and hubby...but I will try to write at least once a week or so when time allows.
Well, that is enough for now. I really need to start cleaning my dirty house! Which I have decided after all of my earth friendly cleaners run out...I am going to start making my own...got tons of recipes and I am ready to start making them. Also, trying to start learning ways to save on electric bills, have been doing research and have found many ways and I will share those with you later on, if they work..lol...Also, I have wrote a month of vegetarian meals menu and I am trying to not spend more then 300 a month for food for a family of 6. Will keep you posted on that also. Would love to live off the grid, but I do not own my home yet..maybe one day when we decide to stay put...I will live off grid..but for now I will just try to conserve.. Okay, well now I am ending this...must clean..haha....later tators!