Tuesday, July 8, 2008


in pictures: my son preston on zip line and daughter kiersten skate boarding both at camp)

So Preston is at camp this week, which makes me think of my years spent at camp. Wow did I have lots of fun. Do you remember how easy it was being a kid? Sure we had our hard times to, but nothing like being an adult. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to camp for a week or so? Just to do nothing but crafts, swim, sing songs around a camp fire and all sort of just free things. Trust me I have looked into all of the family camps they offer, it may be something we try one year when my little ones get a bit older. Ahhh youth....all the mystical things about being young and believing the world was good and you were invincible. What a shock when you grow up...the world is not okay and you are not invincible. There are bills to pay, a job to go to, still mean people to deal with, and no Santa Claus...Easter Bunny, Etc. well, until you have kids of your own....okay, maybe you will get the tooth fairy again later on...lol.....gosh I hope I keep my teeth..lol...
All and all tho. I get to play all the make believe characters now and it is fun....my daughter now knows they are all make believe my three younger ones still believe. Tristan is getting to the age it is really fun to do all of this make believe.....this will prolly be Preston's last year and I will tell him the truth....but I know he already suspects.....now that Kiersten knows tho...she totally makes me a huge list and says okay I want this and this...please...lol....
Anyway, on to something different. My mom is coming on Wed. and I have to get my house in order....don't really feel like making it sparkle but I must....all I keep thinking is that I really want to get out of town...just need to get away from the norm for a little while...feeling a bit bogged down.....need some different scenery for sure!
Okay, this is it for now....maybe I will post something later on....later tators!

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