Friday, July 11, 2008

Deep Freezer

So I am in the market for a small deep freezer. The fridge/freezer I have in this rental house is pretty small for a family of six. I have this idea if I get a deep freezer, I can do the cook for a day eat for a month kinda thing. That way all we have to do is pick what we want to eat that night, break it out of the freezer and throw it into the oven and tada...dinner is done. Hopefully that will help us not eat out so much. I have this wonderful 32 day menu wrote out and thinking of new meals everyday to through on on the menu plan, all frugal meals cheap can eat prolly under 300.00 a month which is my goal....but I have to stop eating out so much for it to work!!!!! But I love Chinese take out......So I am going to try to limit our take out meals to 4 times a month, to start. Yes we eat out more than that now..I know money down the drain...or the old food That gives us one day a week to get take out or go out to eat..then limit it to 3 times a month and so on...that way I do not go into DT's for Chinese...and my hubby can cook up some awesome Mexican food..and I am trying to learn how to cook tofu the way they do at my local Chinese restaurant...which rocks btw.... Hopefully my plan works..I really want to start saving money on food...I also am going to try to get the timer for my hot water heater installed this month. Will let you know if that makes a difference!

BTW, did you know you can use white vingar in your rinse section in the dishwasher instead of jet dry...have not tried yet but I just bought some and when I run my dishwasher I will let you know if it works and how well......

Anyway, the hunt is on to try to find that deep freezer.....wish me luck! Later tators!!

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