Sunday, July 6, 2008

Do you ever...

1. Lay in bed all day
2. Take a really long shower
3. Go for a long drive by yourself to escape
4. Buy something you really don't need, just because
5. Dance around like a crazy person when no one is looking
6. Sing really loud in the car
7. Eat all day and it seems you can never get full
8. Daydream
9. Whistle at the birds
10.Yell Moo at the cows when driving by them
11.Tell little white lies to make someone feel good
12.Yell at someone just for the sake of yelling
13.Just want to smack someone ;)
14.Talk baby talk with your kids
15.Worry way to much
16. Forget to call people back
17.Go months without talking to a certain friend
18.Brag way to much about your kids
19.Wish you lived on a tropical island
20.Wonder why you read of all these...LOL

On the other side of life, I pulled my back out last night. Took a really hot shower today and it helped enough for me to get Preston packed and off to camp. Soon as we got there he made a friend...just standing there looking at all of those hyper boys..made me very happy I am not a camp counselor. Tristan and I went antique shopping after dropping Preston off...bought a neat lamp.
So my house is a matter how much I seem to mom is coming for a visit on Wed. so it has to be bf Tami and her daughter Danielle are coming for a visit next week..she is moving to NY and is stopping by here on her way yes Cleaning is what I will be doing for the next few days....sound like fun....
Well, I guess I should get off the net and cook dinner since it is 7:30...of course I wait to cook until Sebastian wakes up from a late nap and is all cranky...But that is how life goes.....
Words to end on.....hum......can't think of any ...LOL....later tators!

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