Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goal Pants

So do you have those old GOAL PANTS stuffed in a drawer, hanging in your closet, or laying in your cedar chest. Wherever they are most women have at least one pair of pants they have kept forever hoping they will one day be able to squeeze back into them. Mine are in my cedar chest, older pair of work pants that I love and make me look ohhh so skinny. Can barley zip them up now a days...but I can get them best friend, hers are a pair of military pants that she wore years and years ago in the air force...she says she just wants the bum and waist back...her thighs are already way gone....It's kinda silly when you think about I guess, why do we keep that one pair of pants...are we all so wrapped up in what society thinks of the perfect size? Or do we just wish for our younger bodies back? I still for one think great bodies are wasted on the young adult...18, 19, 20..they don't even know what life is about..they have not earned those bodies...we the older women...have gone through ups and downs, had babies and deal with husbands....where's our perfect body?? Where is our reward of ever lasting perky boobs and rock hard I look into my children's eyes I remember where my perfect body went....and how much it was worth losing that "perfect body"....and gaining the stretch marks, flabby bum, and a belly that no longer will sink flops out....but maybe one day...I will reach my goal for my body...with allot of exercise and eating well...maybe....oh hell who am I kidding....exercise and eating matter how hard I try....I always forget to do those two I for one am not throwing out my GOAL PANTS...they will sit in the old cedar chest and every once in a while I will break them out, try them on...and get depressed and deal with my own self pity and ponder why I cannot fit into those pants......I've only had Four kids, why is my body not the same as it was before them!!!...lololol.....Do you have a pair of GOAL PANTS?
Later Tators!!


Aimee S. said...

bought a 'goal dress' in April to wear this summer. but the chocolate and starbucks keep calling my name. needless to say, it is still hanging in the closet...LOL

MiniVan Mama said...

I give up. I surrender! Now preggie with baby four I can't for the life of me see me EVER getting into any of my old clothes. Through the baby making years, I have slowly let go and gave away or tossed out my goal clothes. Size 3? Uhhh, THAT ain't ever gonna happen again!

I keep telling hubby, I WILL BE FABULOUS at 40! They keep saying life begins at 40, and I am holding on to that. Either I will suddenly become a size 3 again, or I will have learned to accept my baby making body and adore it!

Either that or plastic suregery, lol! Funny how when I was young and had THAT body, I swore I would NEVER have surgery. Now? Give me the money honey!

But, then again, our Mom bodies are indeed our badges of honor. I too look at my kids and marvel at the fact that these miracles were produced by little 'ol me....priceless treasures worth the price of perkiness and perfection, I'd say!

Excellent post, sis!


Tiffiney said...

Ahh the goal dress...I just got to the point I wear mostly skirts and shirts....that way I don't have to look down and see my belly rounded out in my you can get into it soon Aimee...Thank you for comment!!

Thanks Jenn for your comment!! You will look beautiful after your forth...don't worry...once you are done having babies...your body will adjust back to itself..maybe not a size 3 ...but a size that is perfect for your grown up body!..and that is the only thing that truly matters...Love you!!

Sheila said...

Hey there, Nice to meet you. I am an MUIBer and YES I do have a pair and am slowly getting to fit into them!!!! Laney will be one on 9/11 so I was ready to start losing the "baby" fat from her and two previous babies! None was originally mine (yeah right) - LOL!

Tiffiney said...

Hey Shelia, thank you for posting a comment...I am sure you will get in those jeans soon!! My last one is almost 16 months and I am still