Friday, July 4, 2008


( in picture: me on our honeymoon in Savannah Georgia 06)

Just thought I would tell a little about me. My name is Tiffiney, I am 34 years old...married to Terry a wonderful man who is an archaeologist, we have four kids ages d-Kiersten 12, s-Preston 10, s-Tristan 2, s-Sebastian 1. We are living in a very tiny town in V.A. in a pretty good size house on lots of land. I have lived all of my life in NC and just have moved to VA this past March for my hubby's job. It has been an adjustment living in a very tiny town. Do not know really any people besides my family. So I have really started trying to get online to meet people.
You will have to forgive my spelling I am a terrible I also have a tendency to jump from subject to subject..but I will try to be good..Oh yea and I use lots of
I decided to start a blog after reading my step sister's blog and loved her idea of having kinda of a journal about her and her families lives. So I decided to start my own, can't say I will write in mine everyday, since I stay pretty busy with my kids and hubby...but I will try to write at least once a week or so when time allows.
Well, that is enough for now. I really need to start cleaning my dirty house! Which I have decided after all of my earth friendly cleaners run out...I am going to start making my tons of recipes and I am ready to start making them. Also, trying to start learning ways to save on electric bills, have been doing research and have found many ways and I will share those with you later on, if they, I have wrote a month of vegetarian meals menu and I am trying to not spend more then 300 a month for food for a family of 6. Will keep you posted on that also. Would love to live off the grid, but I do not own my home yet..maybe one day when we decide to stay put...I will live off grid..but for now I will just try to conserve.. Okay, well now I am ending this...must clean..haha....later tators!

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