Monday, July 21, 2008

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

My 2 year old got up in the middle of the night last night to use the restroom, my hubby got up with him. I was laying there listening to the little patter of little feet cross our wood floors and it made me think back to the days of when I wanted to hear that sound again..little patter of feet around the house. See I have two older and two younger kids, I was in my early 20's with my two older kids and to be honest didn't really have the time to enjoy them as much as I wish I could have, I was kinda learning the ropes of being a mom and trying to work full time and also be young and single all at the same time. Now being in my 30's and married again and a stay at home mom, I get to relax some and enjoy life's little pleasures...and big pleasures...not only do we have little patter of feet...we have huge stumping of feet running around....And life can be well, a little hectic at times...dealing with one that is getting ready to be a teenager and boy oh boy does she have a mouth on her...gets her into trouble all the time...moody hormonal child...wonder if the hormones get worse...praying they calm down some!!! Then I have the 10 year old HYPER boy that has more energy then the energizer bunny....and can talk and talk and talk...then my 2 year old...whom I have to say is the best acting out of all of far!!....he thinks he is 8 years old, he even potty trained himself at 18 months! The last but not least my 15 month old climber..boy oh boy...he is a hand full....and a total mama's boy...if he would have been my first...he would have been my last, but he is a total cutie....the Lord really knows what he is doing when he gives you kids for sure!! So sometimes as you can read it is a total zoo around here....they can totally drive me the point I ask my husband..."Why in the hell did we have so may kids?" "What were we thinking?" But I know the answer to those question's..its for those amazing moments. The one's when all is calm and life seeps through the insanity..When you tear up when you watch your child succeed at something, see him learn, or just to walk with your children and remembering to stop and smell the flowers...the moments where you can breath and remember why you had all these kids and remember that there will always be these little amazing moments that you will remember forever and that's what make it all worth wild! So when life gets a little hectic and you feel as you are losing it and don't know how you can go on...just remember one of those amazing moment will be around soon...and you will once again be able to breath ....

On the family side...we went swimming at the lake yesterday. Had a wonderful time hint one of the amazing moments! The babies loved swimming for the exception my 2 year old at first did not like the fact that his swim suit was wet..he tried taking it two older children found friends as soon as we got there, one being a boy one year older then my daughter...who asked my child out on a date!! She is 12.....So I said....friends only..she is not aloud to go out on dates till she is 16. Do you think that is to old? I know times have changed but wow...I was just taken back..was not expecting that yesterday!! But I know the time will come will I will have to worry with this concept this totally new teenager life...and all the fun stuff that comes along with it....See I was not allowed to date till I was 16, but that did not stop me from lying about it and sneaking around and all that fun exciting stuff that you do when are a teen.....and boy oh boy was I terrible... my mom placed on me the curse that I swear all moms use..."I hope you have a child that acts just like you do!" Well, it works!!!! Because I do..she is just like me at that age and I know it only gets crazy from I guess I should put on my seat belt and sit back and try to remember that those little amazing moments will slip in here and there and I will be able again to breath once more!!..
Later Tators!!


Tabitha said...

I feel like dating is way over rated..I mean whats wrong with just hanging out with the opposite sex and just being friends and getting to know one another. Lets not practice dating when we know it leads to practicing like your married when actually your not.I say if you decide u like a girl or guy be friends anad if you find this one is married material well wait to your ready and get married.There will be no dating in my house and for sure no clubbing. When they r 18 i guess they can decide then and not much car previlages till then either.If u cant drink till 21 why would you need a car to run around in at all hours of the night.The car is for school and work. First things first..Sound strict..Well yeah.

Tiffiney said...

Spoken like the Tabs I remember from way back hanging out with you!!! Love ya!