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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being new in town

(in picture: Me)
Not knowing anyone in this town is really taking a toll on me. I love my hubby and kids, but it would really be nice to have a girl to hang out with and gossip with, shop with...I am thankful my friend Tami is coming up this week for a day or two. Besides the town, I love living in this house, it is very private on about 6-8 acres some trees some open..two story house, plenty of room for the's a rental but I would love to buy it..if we plan on staying here..but as you already know...I don't want to stay I guess we will see...
So my 15 month old will not sleep in his crib..he wants to sleep in our bed...he is a total bed hog, for someone soooo small he takes up a whole lotta space :) he pushes my hubby out sometimes...LOL....we have to get him to sleep in his own bed...I am seriously thinking of getting him a twin size bed and putting rails up all around...he needs the space...haha...
I have been downloading all the recipes for my homemade cleaning supplies and for all my new cooking recipes...I am going to put them into notebooks so I will have them all together when they are needed. I am going to try to blog my meal list today, so whomever wants a list of meals to choose from can just print them out...if not today it will be tomorrow!
Ugg my 15 month old woke up cranky..thank God for Barney..he loves watching it!! But I think we are going to play outside in a few...just to get looks nice!! Okay, my two year old is begging for me to put Blue's Clues on so I guess I will end this here...need to enjoy some peace and quite before the two older ones get up and start their usual fights..Ahhhhh motherhood.... ;) Later Tators!!!!


Tina said...

I can understand about being new in town and not knowing anyone. I lived in NJ my whole life and in NOV 2006 we moved to NC also onto almost 6 acres of land. I love it here but unlike you I am comfortable not knowing anyone. Things happen in life that make you different as a person and now I like being alone. Maybe that will change someday but for now it's all good. I hope that since you wrote this post you have made some friends.

Tiffiney said... far I have not meet anyone I know I will...I have started to enjoy not really knowing people here..keeps the gossip down in this small town.. :) You live about and hour and half from me...maybe someday we can get together...hope you are enjoying NC my home state! ;)