Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Pictures

(in picture: my grandparents on my mom's side)
So my project this year is dealing with all the pictures I have..I have tons and tons! I also am one of those people that have like a million disposable camera's that never got developed. So this year I am determined to get them all developed and hopefully start photo albums I went through some of the pictures I have last night, cause I am trying to use all the good landscape pictures I have taken, turn them into 5x7 black and white photos and hang them in a funky design in my upstairs hallway. Idea taken from one of my precious decorating
So far I have landscape pictures from Canada, Charleston SC, The Beach, Mountain Area's, View from some of our road trips, and some from my favorite place Savannah GA. Ahhhhh Savannah I really hope I get the chance to live there someday! Visited on our honeymoon and just fell in love with the place. Okay anyway, back to reality. Just looking at all the old photos I was laughing and having those flash backs from way back when....and flashes of ohhh my, my work is totally cut out for me on these albums...and I still have about 10 camera's left to develop...and all my pictures taken with my digital camera that are on my computer... ugggg....But the outcome will be worth all the work! My "by the end of the year" project will most likely run into next year...but hey as long as it gets done...I mean really we are dealing with a total procrastinator
On the family side...went to the farmer's market yesterday, got tons of fresh fruits and veggies to start our new healthy eating plan...we also ate some roasted corn a man was was totally yummy...we are defiantly going to cook some of that on the grill....After the market we came home and I went to Wally world and did some shopping...bought a cork board to use to implement my new chore charts...each person will get a list printed out weekly of things that have to be done and if they get done they get a small reward or an allowance...if they don't get reward/ we will see if this works!! Prayer's needed for this ;)
My BF Tami is stopping by this week for a night or two on her way to moving to NY! Can't wait to see her and her daughter Danielle !!!
Whelp, I guess I will end this here. I really need to get up and start my day of cleaning and outside play...looks nice out! Later Tators!!!

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