Saturday, July 5, 2008


(in picture: my four kids at Niagara Falls Sept. 07 on the way to visit grandparents in Canada)

Really need a vacation. Just some time to get away from everything. Thinking about trying to take one sometime this month. Not sure where to go tho. somewhere relaxing and it has to be sorta close to here. Poor Sebbie he just cannot take being in the car for to long. He will cry and cry...not sure why..So it is sounding more an more like the mountains and not the beach since I do not want to get into a bathing suit this trying to lose those last few pounds of baby is coming off finally..but slowly....
So besides needing a vacation our Forth of July and our belated Canada day (July 1st my hubby is Canadian) was nice, we cooked out, played games, and set off our own little fireworks..Sebbie didn't like the fireworks to much, so he sat inside and watched Barney...his favorite and all tho it was a really nice and relaxing day!
For today, I have to start getting Preston packed for camp. He leaves tomorrow for the week, so it will only be Kiersten and the little one's here. Even tho Pres will be missed, there will be no fights to break up this week between the oldest to say the least it will be a little quiter than usual. Just like last week when Kier was at a little break for mom..... ;0)
Okay, well I am ending this now...since it has taken me about an hour just to write this...with the babies and older ones coming in and out of here and needing things...oh well....that is the way life goes when you have four kids... :) Alone time....hum what is that later tators!!

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