Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do you like to shop?

I have a problem I would like to share with you all, I am a shopaholic...yes I know I know..why..oh why do I have this problem and what oh what can I do about it? I must start at the beginning and tell the whole story. It all started when I was a teenager, I grew up with loving parents who had a very nice income between there you have the start...I.. was spoiled!! I got everything I needed and everything I wanted, and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! Then the sad part happened, I graduated and had to move out on my own. My world was wonderful until I realized that I had to pay the bills and buy my own clothes, food, and gas with the crappy salary I was making? I mean really, after shopping, there was not to much left for bills. What was I to do? Yes ladies we all know the answer to this. I got a credit card! Oh how I loved my card...Yes I need this and this and that...oh I was so happy! How are you going to pay for this? CHARGE!!!!!!! I mean my best friend was the same way, except she was she would hide her purchases in the trunk of her car, and when her hubby was not home she would sneak them in..he never saw this over and over with friends so I assumed shopping was ok...So to say the least I had a wonderful time spending, that is till I reached my credit card limit. Which I have to say was huge. Then it was time to pay it what did I do? You guessed it got another card and so on and so on. So there I was left with this huge debt to pay off...and girls that was not fun!! Where was all the things that I had spent all of this money on? Who knows! I did finally get all the cards paid off..which took forever! But I learned many things about shopping and debt. Thankfully I learned at a young age so today I really do not have to much debt. I have one credit card that I keep and it has a 500.00 limit for a reason...I'm a shopaholic and the low limit is easy to pay off! Cause see I still love to shop..even tho most of my shopping is not for me anymore, seems like I am always shopping for my kids..either it's school clothes or supplies, shoes, diapers, food, etc....But, when I do get to shop for myself I hit the Goodwill's, thrift stores, flea markets and shop away, with a huge smile on my face...Love to come out with a cart of stuff for less then much better then a cart of things for way over 100.00...I know there are women still out their that love their cards but as for this girl......Lesson Learned I pay in cash!!! :) So now it is your turn. How many cards do you? Or have you become a better shopper with age? Share your stories! :)

On the family side, It is Labor day weekend..and I am a little bored! I have emailed a million people for sponsorships for Kiersten's pageant but I really am not hearing any response. So she may not be able to do the pageant, cost is really high! Terry's car failed inspection needs I hate to think of the cost for that! The new diapers I have tried with Sebastian are terrible! Preston has not cleaned his room even tho I have asked a million times... And my child Tristan is standing here next to me telling me he wants to take a bath...Ahhhhhh the life of a southern, hippie, married, mom of four :) I guess I will get up and give Tristan a bath...cause in a few years he prolly will be fighting me not wanting to take baths...boys!! On the bright side of things...We need some things around here so I get to go shopping today!! :)
Later Tators!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Home-School Grammar!

This was in an email I got from a home-school group email! Thought I would share! :)

Credited to Green Baker from a Freedmen's School, circa 1865.

Three little words you often see
Are articles - an, a and the
A noun is the name of anything,
As school or garden, hoop or swing.
Adjectives tell the kind of noun,
As great, small, pretty, white or brown.
Instead of nouns the pronouns stand -
Her head, his face, your arm, my hand.
Verbs tell of something being done -
To read, count, laugh, sing, jump or run.
How things are done the adverbs tell,
As slowly, quickly, ill or well.
Conjunctions join the word together,
As men and women, wind or weather.
The prepositions stand before,
A noun, as in or through the door.
The interjections show surprise,
As Oh! How pretty! Ah! How wise!
The whole are called the nine parts of speech,
Which reading, writing, speaking teach.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Do You Wear Around the House?

Okay, so if you have read any of my previous posts you know that I am a stay at home mom that home schools...what you might not know is that I am terrible for being in my pj's all day...if not my pj's I am in my white trash outfits that I would not dare wear out in public (orange sweats, tops and bottoms that don't match, ugly tank tops, etc). Feel sorry for the delivery guys and electric guys that come out here occasionally and see know I should get up every day and get dressed and feel like I am ready to take charge and blah blah blah...I am at home, I don't want to get all my good clothes dirty with stains from kids and cleaning. When I do go out to take my oldest son to public school and boy oh boy if you pass me on the road, you would most likely wonder "what was that I just passed?" Now don't get me wrong I will dress up for my hubby some..I have my sexy shorts and cute tops, and if my legs have been shaved that day I will throw those on right before he comes home... :) I am sure my husband would love for me to dress more sexy around the house and hell I would...but I don't have sexy comfortable clothes to wear...if I did I would...but when it comes to buying clothes, I have four kids that come before me so usually there is no money left....hence the trashy comfy cheap clothes...So how about you. If you stay at home or even if you are just at home for the day with nothing going on. Do you get all dressed up? Would love to hear your comments...but don't make me look to

On the family side....My oldest son Preston is enjoying school so far....Sebastian is learning how to tear off his pull up's...not good! Tristan is becoming more and more entertaining with his imagination. And Kiersten is enjoying homeschooling, we joined a home school group yesterday and really liked it. Also, this weekend she tried out for a teen many girls tried out for it...we will see by Wed. if she gets to be part of it. And last but not least my hubby Terry is sweating to death working outdoors in the heat of the South! Other than that nothing really has gone on....Was hoping to take a vacation on the long weekend coming up...but lack of funds as usual is keeping us at home :( Tis okay, need to get things done around here anyway! Okay, enough for now!
Later Tators!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why My House Is Not Perfect!

Okay, so I will the first to admit that I am not the best house wife in the world...I don't even like the word house wife..My husband and I chose for me to stay at home to be with our kids. I home school my daughter and a little with my 2 year old. I try to keep the house up, but I tell ya, I have gotten this place clean as a whistle and it does not matter. Not fifteen minutes later and is dirty say the least my house is not desk is totally unorganized, my shred pile is sky high, my sink has dirty dishes in it and my laundry is out of control...Why is this? I am at home. There should be nothing dirty in this house. But no, I am here on this computer! Why oh why is this? Blogging, Twittering, Emailing oh my! LOL! Okay, so I have to put things into perspective...My house really isn't that bad...well, okay the laundry is, but I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!!!..oh, you need that shirt throw it in the dryer! Yes my children wear wrinkled clothes here and there...oh the shame for my mother.. :) I do home school and play with toddlers for that is a huge chunk of the day....I know excuses excuses..that laundry can be thrown in while doing all of is just something deep inside of me...ignoring the clothes...I have made schedules, to do list, and all kinds of things to make myself get better at taking care of this house....guess you can call me lazy, lack of motivation, or just ADD...but this is me and no matter how much my hubby would like for dinner to be cooked before 7:30 (sometimes we achieve this). Or how high the laundry gets, my family loves me and spending time with them is more important then everything in this house being spotless! :)

On the family side: School started this week..Cannot believe summer is over! I have been getting my home school year schedule all worked up and done for Kiersten. Also, starting to work with Tristan more this year! Preston is in public school and likes it so far..and Sebastian, I would really like to get him potty trained this year..but that will come in a few more months...We are also going to try to take a small trip over labor day, depends on how the funds look. And last but not least I am going to try to start cooking bread from scratch. I have never done this before so this is a new adventure. Kiersten and I are going to learn this together...So besides saying I have the best parents in the world...Love all four of you!! That is it for now!
Later Tators!!

Dangers of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs!

This was on my myspace blog and decided to place it here also, so more people can read the info.!
Just thought you might want to know this tid bit of info. If you use these light bulbs and your kids break them easily like mine do...dont put these kind of light bulbs in their rooms!!

(AP) - You know those compact fluorescent light bulbs that everyone is encouraging us to buy because the save energy and money? They have a downside when it comes to thinking green. It turns out the CFL s release a mercury-containing powder if they break. And the mercury-tinged powder can evaporate into the air and is tough to clean up. The government has written guidelines on how to clean up a broken bulb and the mercury it contains. There is also a site that provides information on the various state guidelines to clean up after a CFL breaks.

EPA guidelines on CFL site:
EPA list of state laws on CFL disposal site:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do You Take Showers With Your Lover?

Okay, so I thought I would do a really quick post today. I would love to know how many people like to take showers with their partner? This was brought up this morning when I thought my hubby was getting ready to jump in the shower with me. Yes, like all young people, I did take showers with my ex's in the past and I tell ya, I really am not a huge fan of it. Unless you have a very nice shower with a couple of shower heads the experience is not that fun...I don't like to stand in the back of the shower while my spouse is washing himself, splashing soap all over me, as I stand there shriving to death. I really do not get the hype of it all. So what is your opinion? I would really love to hear from some of you! Do you take shower's with your special someone, and do you actually enjoy it or do you just do this to satisfy your me know!

On the family side, My step sister's wedding was wonderful. She was beautiful in her dress and all went well out in the 90 degree garden wedding...but the butterflies were all flying around and the birds chirping and no rain...her hubby was handsome and cried during his vows..and my almost 4 year old niece was soooooo cute as the flower girl...Also, got to see step sister that lives in Georgia and chat with her and also see my other belly growing (due jan) step sister and her cute little girls....All was wonderful and the cake was delicious........My daughter and I did not get home from wedding till around 1am....on the way home we were pulled by a ticket...and I was not speeding.....I think he got my car mixed up with someone else speeding.....too many deer on these back roads to go fast at night.....My hubby stayed home with the boys and had a nice father and sons day and also did some lite cleaning around the you hunny! Okay, this is enough for now...
Later Tators!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How I Survived a Divorce at 24 with 2 Kids!

Whelp, I was a 24 year old mom to my 2 1/2 year old daughter and my three week old son when my ex-husband walked out on us...He decided he did not want to be married anymore and couldn't take (in picture: kiersten almost 3 and preston at 5 months)
being a full time father...So it was just the three of us...the kids and job...cause I was a stay at home mom at the time....and no money.....just the house he left us in...but he kicked us out 7 months later and sold our home....So how did we survive? One day at a was tuff....I stayed in the home for that 7 months before he sold it... made him pay the payments on all the, electric, phone....I got Wic for my kids and I ate very little food...I decided that I better lose weight anyhow since I had a gained a ton during my second I turned vegetarian...which of course helped on the food bill....and btw it works...I lost all of my pregnancy weight gain.....
So anyhow ...luckily my three week old did not have colic like my daughter had at that age, or I prolly would have lost my mind....I took a night class on computers while my mother watched my kids thankfully....and when my ex made the kids and I move out of the house he was paying for, I did like a lot of single moms do... I moved in with my mother for sometime....After finding a job and getting the kids into daycare I finally saved up enough money to move into our own
(in picture: me, kiersten and preston in 2004)
apartment...I worked full time and then picked the kids up from daycare for a full as cheaply as we could in a not so great place..but it was enough for us...When I went through hard times like trying to pay for heating gas.... I was one of the lucky ones and was able to ask my parents for help and support...without them I really don't know where we would be today....It takes a lot of love, hard work and remembering
that you can do this by yourself...when you are a single parent you can feel lost at times...but remembering that your children are worth every minute of the struggles is what keeps you going...believe me I did not think I would be where I am at today....I dated allot of course while my kids were young I remember thinking good grief I will never meet anyone....but I did 7 years later...My hubby Terry is a wonderful man...he is loving and supporting..even when I decided to home school my oldest..he said go for it...he wanted me to stay at home and raise our children...which of course I was very happy to's what I have wanted all to all of you single mom's out there don't give up on what you want...make it happen.....get rid of the pride and use social services if you need to and don't be shy about asking for it be needing someone to babysit for you or to take your child to school for you when you are sick...and if it is a man you want and you feel he is never going to come....don't worry about .....go on with life you don't need a man to live..I promise...and one day when you are not even thinking about a man or if he will ever show up.... he might just show up on your computer screen like mine did... :)

On the family side: Both of my older kids are home from camp now and my niece is here for the week...we have been studying space so far this week with the homeschooling we visited the Planaterium on Sunday and last night we broke out the old telescope to look at the moon..very cool...we stayed up till early this morning trying to catch some meteors from the shower that is going on this week...but it was not that great of a we all went to bed...we are going to check it out again tonight just in case it is any better..but I doubt it....I am also taking the kids on a field trip tomorrow to a space museum...that ought to be fun...I am taking all five by myself...I will let you know how it son Tristan is right in love with his cousin and cuddles up to her while watching TV at night...and my youngest son is getting over his ear infection but is having nasty diapers because of the meds...yuck......And last but not least this Friday my youngest step sister is getting married.....cannot wait to see the wedding....I know she is going to be a beautiful bride....okay, well that is it for now.....
Later Tators!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moms Mandatory Day Off Petition!

Are you a mom that is run down? Wondering when the next vacation day is coming? Or just a day to get away from everyone in your household! Well, this is the blog post for you!

I am writing a proposal for a national holiday for moms not mother's day...this is for a mandatory day off for moms! All mom's would have to walk away from their family's for one day and have the day to do whatever you feel like it be....

A day at the spa...
Hanging out with your girl friends
A day at the beach
Sitting under a tree in peace and quite to read a book that never gets read cause you are to busy!
Or whatever in the world you want to do!

I think all mom's deserve this day...because mother's day is just not cutting it...I still clean and take care of whining children on mother's day! And even tho I have a hubby....I still am the built in babysitter...I think most women are...we are the ones that take care of the babes and take care of the home...yea husbands do a job here and there and some even more then that, like my hubby..Love you hunny! ..but really who are we kidding...women are the main responsible ones for kids and the homes, no matter how far women's rights have come..we know this would be our one day to get away.....and there are no excuses not to take the day is mandatory....!!!!
So what do you say...will you sign? Just make a comment to this post and sign your signature to a wonderful petition for all moms!! :) ( your comment is your signature!)
Thanks ladies!

Later Tators! ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What is Your Cup Size Story?

(In with my small and my bf Tami like most of my friends..having large ya girl!)

I am dedicating this post to my boobs! :) As a child I can remember praying "please oh please Lord let my boobs grow"....they did not! The older I got I still prayed the same small prayer...nothing...puberty hit..nothing...high school hit...nothing...why oh why did my boobs not grow? In school I was always a little self conscious of my small boobs...everyone around me were either the perfect size or just plain huge! Yes, I tried the push up bra...gotta have something to push up tho..Did the water bra...very uncomfy...and just seems you are living a lie..haha... It was not till my first pregnancy that I finally got that pair of good size one could tell I had them cause my tummy stuck out so far! But hey I did like all small busted women did when they got those pregnancy boobs...I stood in front of my mirror sideways...held a towel up so you could not see my tummy and admired my big boobs!!! But then the day came when my baby was born and the milk flowed... I lost my tummy but still had those big boobs...sad that the breastfeeding pads make them look terrible in a shirt, and sometimes there might have been a milk spot or nursing was done and my boobs shrank...even smaller then they were before......I thought hum, I could have surgery and enlarge them...or I could go back to the water bra...but wait I had a revelation....I decided I don't care if my boobs are not perfect...they did the job the Lord intended them to do..and to be honest those huge things just get in the way...I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to with my small boobs, just a sexy camisole under my friends are always complaining their shoulders hurt from their bras...the biggest bonus I don't have to worry about drooping boobs! as you can see I am okay nowadays with my small boobs...self conscious no more!! I have had my big boobs again with each pregnancy, but still I have decided that my size A cup is the perfect size for me! What is your cup size story?

On the family side...Just been cleaning...and missing my two older kids that are at camp....who I pick up picking up thier cousin that is staying a week with us....for now I am heading out to clean my very nasty car in a few mintues...sounds like fun doesn't it?
Later Tators!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why I Don't Have a Diamond Ring

With my first marriage, I was all into getting diamonds...we were broke young people so my ex got me a diamond cluster...very small diamonds...and I thought it was just great...after happily getting divorced...that ring got put away in my jewelry box and never comes out..during my single mom period I of course did lots of growing up...trying to figure out who I am and what I wanted out of life and what I wanted for my children...I of course working a full time job...did as most full time jobbers do...and that is take some time here and there while at work and surf the net....since I did not have a computer at home my job was my only source to internet....I did lots of research on my breaks and at lunch on all sorts of subjects.....and one of them was on diamonds....after reading all the material I have found on this subject I decided not to ever purchase another diamond again...the article below is something I found on the net and it explains pretty much why I do not buy diamonds...

Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Accept a Diamond Ring from Anyone, Under Any Circumstances, Even If They Really Want to Give You One.

By Liz Stanton, CPE Staff Economist

1. You’ve Been Psychologically Conditioned To Want a Diamond. The diamond engagement ring is a 63-year-old invention of N.W.Ayer advertising agency. The De Beers diamond cartel contracted N.W.Ayer to create a demand for what are, essentially, useless hunks of rock.

2. Diamonds are Priced Well Above Their Value. The De Beers cartel has systematically held diamond prices at levels far greater than their abundance would generate under anything even remotely resembling perfect competition. All diamonds not already under its control are bought by the cartel, and then the De Beers cartel carefully managed world diamond supply in order to keep prices steadily high.

3. Diamonds Have No Resale or Investment Value. Any diamond that you buy or receive will indeed be yours forever: De Beers™ advertising deliberately brain-washed women not to sell; the steady price is a tool to prevent speculation in diamonds; and no dealer will buy a diamond from you. You can only sell it at a diamond purchasing center or a pawn shop where you will receive a tiny fraction of its original “value.”

4. Diamond Miners are Disproportionately Exposed to HIV/AIDS. Many diamond mining camps enforce all-male, no-family rules. Men contract HIV/AIDS from camp sex-workers, while women married to miners have no access to employment, no income outside of their husbands and no bargaining power for negotiating safe sex, and thus are at extremely high risk of contracting HIV.

5. Open-Pit Diamond Mines Pose Environmental Threats. Diamond mines are open pits where salts, heavy minerals, organisms, oil, and chemicals from mining equipment freely leach into ground-water, endangering people in nearby mining camps and villages, as well as downstream plants and animals.

6. Diamond Mine-Owners Violate Indigenous People’s Rights. Diamond mines in Australia, Canada, India and many countries in Africa are situated on lands traditionally associated with indigenous peoples. Many of these communities have been displaced, while others remain, often at great cost to their health, livelihoods and traditional cultures.

7. Slave Laborers Cut and Polish Diamonds. More than one-half of the world’s diamonds are processed in India where many of the cutters and polishers are bonded child laborers. Bonded children work to pay off the debts of their relatives, often unsuccessfully. When they reach adulthood their debt is passed on to their younger siblings or to their own children.

8. Conflict Diamonds Fund Civil Wars in Africa. There is no reliable way to insure that your diamond was not mined or stolen by government or rebel military forces in order to finance civil conflict. Conflict diamonds are traded either for guns or for cash to pay and feed soldiers.

9. Diamond Wars are Fought Using Child Warriors. Many diamond producing governments and rebel forces use children as soldiers, laborers in military camps, and sex slaves. Child soldiers are given drugs to overcome their fear and reluctance to participate in atrocities.

10. Small Arms Trade is Intimately Related to Diamond Smuggling. Illicit diamonds inflame the clandestine trade of small arms. There are 500 million small arms in the world today which are used to kill 500,000 people annually, the vast majority of whom are non-combatants.


* Collier, Paul, “Economic Causes of Civil Conflict and Their Implications for Policy,” World Bank, June 15, 2000.
* Epstein, Edward Jay, “Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?“, The Atlantic Monthly, February 1982.
* Global Witness, “Conflict Diamonds: Possibilities for the Identification, Certification and Control of Diamonds,” A Briefing Document, June 2000.
* Human Rights Watch/Asia, “The Small Hands of Slavery: Bonded Child Labor In India,” Human Rights Watch Children’s Rights Project.
* Human Rights Watch, “Children’s Rights: Stop the Use of Child Soldiers.”
* Kerlin, Katherine “Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Environmental Degradation and Civil War in the Gem Trade,” E: The Environment Magazine.
* Le Billon, Philippe, “Angola’s Political Economy of War: The Role of Oil and Diamond
s, 1975-2000,” African Affairs, (2001), 100, p.55-80
* Mines and Communities, “The Mining Curse: The roles of mining in ‘underdeveloped’ economies,” Minewatch Asia Pacific/Nostromo Briefing Paper, February 1999.
* Other Facets, Number 1, April 2001; Number 2, June 2001; Num
ber 3, October 2001, [dead link]

© 2002 Center for Popular Economics

Now I am not saying if you own a diamond ring you are a terrible person...or oh my gosh you better get rid of your ring....if you have one keep love's yours....and if you want to keep on buying them by all means do what is right for you.....But for me diamonds will not be bought for me....When Terry and I got married he knew how I felt about diamonds...hell, I think he kinda danced in the streets since he did not have to pay an arm and a leg for a ring....I picked out the stone that I wanted, it is an Aquamarine gem stone...for geeky reasons...#1- I love the color #2- My favorite color is hubby's is blend together and you get blue green...Aqua..yea I know geeky...but that is me...#3- I wanted to be different because frankly I am a little different...which I like to call pleasantly unique..haha....and #4- The price..we had just had a baby...we were totally broke!!! I will throw in a #5- if the stone ever falls will not take much to replace it so I don't have to have insurance on it ;)

I would love to hear some opinions on this subject....send them on....

On the family side....My hubby cooked last night!!! And it was yummy!!! Missing my two older ones away at camp...babies played most of the day...and well....I really have not done to much cleaning because to be honest I just don't feel like it.....Lazy days are nice!!!
Later Tators!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Tree

I researched my family trees this past Christmas for gifts for my family members. I found looking into the past very interesting. Seeing who was part of me, tracing the family names and where they lived and just where in the world I came from. I found info. from really far back, took awhile but it was worth it. My parents loved their presents!
Here is some websites to help you get started on tracing your family tree..

Good luck on your searches!

On the present family side...My two oldest are at camp this week, so it is just me the hubby and my two youngest....this will make for a quiet week....My youngest has an ear infection so he is on medication to get that all cleared up..but it has not stopped him from climbing the stairs, we have taken the baby gate down and have given him freedom to explore. Now that he can climb up and down the stairs on his own...boy oh boy did that make him happy!! I believe in letting my kids explore and get into things of course..we still have to keep the bathroom doors closed because my youngest (15 months) loves to play in the toilet...yuck!!! So till he gets out of this stage the bathrooms are the only rooms off limits to him...My two oldest are allowed of course to close their doors when they want privacy..but to be honest I am one the of the lucky ones that have children that love to play with their siblings, and they do not close their doors to often to the little ones....which of course makes for happier babies...who love their older brother and sister....
On a very happy step-mom's xrays have come back clear!!! She had dark spots show up on her lungs and had biopsy's done to see if they were cancer...lucky it was not, but she has been going back every six months to have the spots checked to make sure they will not turn into cancer..and this last time she went the spots are gone!!!!! So blessed news for her and all of us!!!
One more fall on the floor note....When I took my older kids off to camp yesterday I got to see my pregnant step sis and her family...sis was very cute all wobbling around...and I got to stop in and visit with my cousin for a few hours...since I was alone this was a very nice kids to watch after, just me and my cousin chatting..very hubby was at home with the two younger kids...and when I got home....he had washed most of the clothes...washed the dishes...and cleaned the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not happen very I had to mention this.....I love wonderful hubby!!!
Okay, this had taken a few hours off and on to love them... ;)
Later Tators!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching up

(in picture: Tristan trying to catch up with older kids)
So I am back online after being off for about a week. Our computer which we have had for 7 months died...thankfully it was just the power source and was easily replaced...luckily we did not lose our my pictures were saved..since we have not backed up our system..which we are doing do not buy an emachine!!!!! And if you do not back up or save on some other it today!!!!
Okay, anyhow...I have been sick for a about a week...and no it is not due to being off line..haha....kinda funny that the sickness came when my computer died..but I do believe I am dealing with a sinus fun!! But I have to keep my stamina up so I can get my two older kids packed and off to camp on Sunday. They are both looking forward to going...and I am looking forward to a little peace around here! Will still have the two little ones...but not really having to deal with schooling and fighting will be a nice change for the week ;) Upon their return their cousin is coming to stay for a week..looking forward to her visit. Trying to get my daughter's room organized and situated before her cousins stay..Somehow my daughter ended up with the smaller room upstairs and she has the most stuff...hum, I guess what happened..we moved in I saw two closet's put her in that room and didn't think anything else about it...uggg...not changing rooms now...just trying to figure out different solutions for her room...
So on a different note. My soon to be 3 year old is now wanting to stand to pee! Like I have said before he thinks he is 8 and he needs to do what 8 year olds do..and that is stand to far he has done well at this...and I am training him TO PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN when finished!!!! My husband is pretty good at this but sometimes...he forgets...not to often tho...wish I could say the same about closing the shower curtain....errr that drives me kids are the same it to hard to close the shower curtains????
Okay, well this will be my short blog for the day..more to come next week....Do want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for all those that make comments on my blogs.....keep them to read them.... :)
Later Tators!