Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dangers of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs!

This was on my myspace blog and decided to place it here also, so more people can read the info.!
Just thought you might want to know this tid bit of info. If you use these light bulbs and your kids break them easily like mine do...dont put these kind of light bulbs in their rooms!!

(AP) - You know those compact fluorescent light bulbs that everyone is encouraging us to buy because the save energy and money? They have a downside when it comes to thinking green. It turns out the CFL s release a mercury-containing powder if they break. And the mercury-tinged powder can evaporate into the air and is tough to clean up. The government has written guidelines on how to clean up a broken bulb and the mercury it contains. There is also a site that provides information on the various state guidelines to clean up after a CFL breaks.

EPA guidelines on CFL site:
EPA list of state laws on CFL disposal site:


Tiffiney said...

since this post was the only one on this page without a comment..I am leaving was shocked to find this info out! My children had these in their rooms and had broke a few of these! The gov is trying to make these the only light bulbs you can buy by 2012...I am pretty upset that the energy saving light bulb is dangerous...can they not make one that is not dangerous to our health?

Mel R said...

Our new house had these in all the rooms and we replaced them asap because I knew this from before. I just can't stand the thought of them.