Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Tree

I researched my family trees this past Christmas for gifts for my family members. I found looking into the past very interesting. Seeing who was part of me, tracing the family names and where they lived and just where in the world I came from. I found info. from really far back, took awhile but it was worth it. My parents loved their presents!
Here is some websites to help you get started on tracing your family tree..

Good luck on your searches!

On the present family side...My two oldest are at camp this week, so it is just me the hubby and my two youngest....this will make for a quiet week....My youngest has an ear infection so he is on medication to get that all cleared up..but it has not stopped him from climbing the stairs, we have taken the baby gate down and have given him freedom to explore. Now that he can climb up and down the stairs on his own...boy oh boy did that make him happy!! I believe in letting my kids explore and get into things of course..we still have to keep the bathroom doors closed because my youngest (15 months) loves to play in the toilet...yuck!!! So till he gets out of this stage the bathrooms are the only rooms off limits to him...My two oldest are allowed of course to close their doors when they want privacy..but to be honest I am one the of the lucky ones that have children that love to play with their siblings, and they do not close their doors to often to the little ones....which of course makes for happier babies...who love their older brother and sister....
On a very happy step-mom's xrays have come back clear!!! She had dark spots show up on her lungs and had biopsy's done to see if they were cancer...lucky it was not, but she has been going back every six months to have the spots checked to make sure they will not turn into cancer..and this last time she went the spots are gone!!!!! So blessed news for her and all of us!!!
One more fall on the floor note....When I took my older kids off to camp yesterday I got to see my pregnant step sis and her family...sis was very cute all wobbling around...and I got to stop in and visit with my cousin for a few hours...since I was alone this was a very nice kids to watch after, just me and my cousin chatting..very hubby was at home with the two younger kids...and when I got home....he had washed most of the clothes...washed the dishes...and cleaned the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not happen very I had to mention this.....I love wonderful hubby!!!
Okay, this had taken a few hours off and on to love them... ;)
Later Tators!!


Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said...

what a joyful joyful writing voice you have! I love your self description and I am so happy I stopped by and read the blog entry and you pictures on the beach are gorgeous and how very very cool!!! Yay for the good news regardng your mom and for your hubby cleaning the house. LOVE IT!

Tiffiney said...

Thank you Cailin for stopping by and leaving such nice complements.. :)

Karen said...

Love ya, Tiff! Thanks for thinking of me! You are wonderful Mom, wife, daughter, etc. Hope you enjoy your week and Kier and Preston enjoy their week at camp. We all knew hubby had it in him to clean up like that-he's a good one. Take care and stay cool, Love, Step-Mom Karen

Tiffiney said...

Thank you Karen for posting and reading my blogs...of course I was going to mention the blessing that has happened..I am very happy you are all well...there is nothing better then a healthy family!! Love you!