Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching up

(in picture: Tristan trying to catch up with older kids)
So I am back online after being off for about a week. Our computer which we have had for 7 months died...thankfully it was just the power source and was easily replaced...luckily we did not lose our my pictures were saved..since we have not backed up our system..which we are doing do not buy an emachine!!!!! And if you do not back up or save on some other it today!!!!
Okay, anyhow...I have been sick for a about a week...and no it is not due to being off line..haha....kinda funny that the sickness came when my computer died..but I do believe I am dealing with a sinus fun!! But I have to keep my stamina up so I can get my two older kids packed and off to camp on Sunday. They are both looking forward to going...and I am looking forward to a little peace around here! Will still have the two little ones...but not really having to deal with schooling and fighting will be a nice change for the week ;) Upon their return their cousin is coming to stay for a week..looking forward to her visit. Trying to get my daughter's room organized and situated before her cousins stay..Somehow my daughter ended up with the smaller room upstairs and she has the most stuff...hum, I guess what happened..we moved in I saw two closet's put her in that room and didn't think anything else about it...uggg...not changing rooms now...just trying to figure out different solutions for her room...
So on a different note. My soon to be 3 year old is now wanting to stand to pee! Like I have said before he thinks he is 8 and he needs to do what 8 year olds do..and that is stand to far he has done well at this...and I am training him TO PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN when finished!!!! My husband is pretty good at this but sometimes...he forgets...not to often tho...wish I could say the same about closing the shower curtain....errr that drives me kids are the same it to hard to close the shower curtains????
Okay, well this will be my short blog for the day..more to come next week....Do want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for all those that make comments on my blogs.....keep them to read them.... :)
Later Tators!

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