Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why My House Is Not Perfect!

Okay, so I will the first to admit that I am not the best house wife in the world...I don't even like the word house wife..My husband and I chose for me to stay at home to be with our kids. I home school my daughter and a little with my 2 year old. I try to keep the house up, but I tell ya, I have gotten this place clean as a whistle and it does not matter. Not fifteen minutes later and is dirty say the least my house is not desk is totally unorganized, my shred pile is sky high, my sink has dirty dishes in it and my laundry is out of control...Why is this? I am at home. There should be nothing dirty in this house. But no, I am here on this computer! Why oh why is this? Blogging, Twittering, Emailing oh my! LOL! Okay, so I have to put things into perspective...My house really isn't that bad...well, okay the laundry is, but I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!!!..oh, you need that shirt throw it in the dryer! Yes my children wear wrinkled clothes here and there...oh the shame for my mother.. :) I do home school and play with toddlers for that is a huge chunk of the day....I know excuses excuses..that laundry can be thrown in while doing all of is just something deep inside of me...ignoring the clothes...I have made schedules, to do list, and all kinds of things to make myself get better at taking care of this house....guess you can call me lazy, lack of motivation, or just ADD...but this is me and no matter how much my hubby would like for dinner to be cooked before 7:30 (sometimes we achieve this). Or how high the laundry gets, my family loves me and spending time with them is more important then everything in this house being spotless! :)

On the family side: School started this week..Cannot believe summer is over! I have been getting my home school year schedule all worked up and done for Kiersten. Also, starting to work with Tristan more this year! Preston is in public school and likes it so far..and Sebastian, I would really like to get him potty trained this year..but that will come in a few more months...We are also going to try to take a small trip over labor day, depends on how the funds look. And last but not least I am going to try to start cooking bread from scratch. I have never done this before so this is a new adventure. Kiersten and I are going to learn this together...So besides saying I have the best parents in the world...Love all four of you!! That is it for now!
Later Tators!!


Laura said...

LOL my house is not perfect as thought has always been this.

"The house and chores will always be day the kids will be gone"

Great post!


Sarah said...

Don't worry, although it doesn't look like you are. My house is a pigsty most days, and there isn't a single piece of laundry that's been ironed. Oh well. I'd rather play outside or watch cartoons with my kids.

LJ Charleston said...

I am married to the housework police. I told him that I agree I need to lift my standards, but that he needs to lower his! I also hate the word housewife, it is so 1950s

Tiffiney said...

Laura, your comment is a perfect quote for my belief on my house chores! :)

Sarah, I hardly ever dryer does ok...but I have found a little hand held tobi that works pretty good...i would rather play with kids then deal with the house to..

Lj, my hubby gets on me to...and I'm like...if you don't like...clean it up..lolol...

Thanks ladies for your comments! :)

Anonymous said...

My house would look even worse if I was to stay at home or had to do it myself *blush*

I find cleaning such a waste of time!!

GOOD LUCK on the baking bread - my culinary skills are WORSE than my cleaning ability ;)

Tiffiney said...

thanks harassed...the bread making is going ok.. :)I am not the best cleaner..but I