Friday, September 26, 2008

If you had the chance would you do it over again?

I had someone ask me a few weeks ago what life is like when you have four kids and is it financially harder to support our slightly larger family then most. I found this a pretty interesting question, and really had to think about how it is different it is to have a larger family. We have such a large age gap between our two sets of kids I just do not really see where we spend to much more money then smaller families. The two youngest are not in extra curricular activities yet, they really don't eat but so much food and usually for bdays and Christmas we get tons of clothes from family, not to mention some hand me downs. I also look for sales sales sales. The two oldest are the ones that cost allot right now, always out growing clothes and boy oh boy can they EAT! I guess we pay more in health insurance...but really it is not to much more, if I had to guess the difference between two kids and four kids..hum..maybe about 100-150 more a month if even that. Okay, Halloween costumes maybe a little more..and Christmas...but that is only a few times a year, so you save for those! So no I really do not see it to much least not what it is like to have four kids is totally different!! I can see a difference!! For a long time it was just me and my two oldest, then along came my hubby Terry and then "BAM" two more babies came along....and I have to say it is like a shock to your system when things happen that fast! My oldest and third child are 10 years apart...I had forgotten what it was like to be pregnant when I found out I was preggers with my third...and going back through labor, nursing, diapers, bottles, potty training and everything else. What in the hell was I thinking??? And then to turn around and do it again 18 months later with my fourth??? I must be insane!!!!!!!! Well, okay maybe I am a little ;) I have to say I never wanted anymore kids after my first two...nope I was done....I was happy I had my girl and boy..done done done!! I was on the look out for a sterile sugar daddy....but then it happened I fell in love....uggggg love.....puppy eyes and all....someone should have slapped me....MONEY..that is what you are suppose to marry for on your second marriage. Well, that is what I thought at least. Wow, was I wrong! Crazy how things just happen, one day I am a single mom of two..get on the net to met some guys so I can finally go out on a darn date..who is first to respond? Terry, but we only chatted at first well for 7 months..while I dated ALLOT!!!! Then we met and that is all she wrote! Funny what is like to have four kids....crazy, insane, crying, tantrums, where did that stain come from, how did this get broke, stop fighting, clean your room! What the hell was I thinking? Love, cuddles, kisses, all their first, entrainment, playing, smiles, laughter, weddings, grandchildren (hopefully way in the future!).....enough said!! If I could go back would I do it again??? WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!
In pictures: My four kids playing chase last of those entertaining moments :0)
On the family side: Tristan officially turned 3 yesterday, we did another small cake and ate out. He got his present from all of us..he got a remote control car for a three year old, he loves it! Hubby is home sick today..feeling a little dizzy! Kiersten, Preston and Sebastian are all just hanging around. Not to much has gone on really! Oh, but I did go to court for my speeding ticket and I have to take a 8 hour driving class...the judge was giving that to everyone. Do not really want to take the darn class..I know how to drive...but it is better then having my insurance go up! It has been raining her in VA for two days now and it has made me oh so lazy feeling...was not going to write today, but I changed my mind! I will go and lurk on some of my favorite blogs this weekend, have not had allot of time to read so I need to get caught up! Have a great weekend everyone!
Later Tators!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Will I still blog when I get old?

I was sitting in the car the other day at Walmart waiting for my hubby to finish shopping, I was in one of my white trash outfits and I was not about to fall up into Wally world in that outfit. Anyway this cute little old couple walked by our car. The women was pushing the cart and her husband was hunched all over just trying to just make it to their car. I watched them get into the car very carefully the women lifting her leg so she can get into her seat. I started thinking about my future and how the aging process will effect my body. Kinda freaks me out. I mean come on at 34 I am in my prime, loving life to the fullest and well...looking alright...I ain't complaining...could be in better shape...but hey exercise is just not for I mean really is this just vanity talking, I am not ready to lose the looks I do have and I am sure not ready to have grey hair and move even slower then I do now....I was hoping to travel the world when my kids got older and moved out on their own...Am I doomed to be at home sitting in my rocking chair complaining about the calluses on my feet? Why do we have to work hard all our lives and when it is time for us to retire...we are to old to do anything? This can drive a person crazy thinking on this subject! So back to the point of the post. How scared are you to get older? I don't mean 50 or even 60 now a days..I am talking 80, 90! Don't get me wrong I hope I live to be 100 as long as my body and mind hold up. I am looking forward to growing old with my husband and watching my children's children grow up..But it is hard to picture myself as an old women, with the funky hair and all those wrinkles. I mean it will cool and all to get the old timers discount and have teenagers yelling at me cause I will prolly drive way to slow and oh my gosh what about dressing out of style and not really having to worry about do you think you will be like when you are an old women or man? Are you looking forward to growing old with your partner..Do you think he will carry your purse for you if you can't? Do you think you will still be hip or just one of those grouchy old people, wishing everyone would just leave you alone..Share what you think...I would really like to know how others are handling the aging process! Hum wonder if I will still be blogging when I get really old! ;)

I have not been writing to much this past week, due to getting things done around the house, so all that have selected for meme's American in Norway, Life in the Lapadula House, and
Iceah, I want to thank you for picking me! If I missed anyone let me know! I unfortunately do not have to much time this week either to do them so I am going to say a huge thank you again. Maybe next time I can get to some of the meme's! And another huge Thank you to Iceah for the kind bloggers award! I have posted it on my sidebar! :)

On the family side: My mother came to visit this past weekend (as you might have read in my Happy Birthday to Tristan) So of course the week before I was cleaning like crazy. I decided to use the opportunity that my mother was coming to do a little spring cleaning around the old home frontier. Anyway, mom came up from NC and we had a wonderful time! Tristan had his little party and got some really nice gifts! Thanks Dad, Karen, Brian, Amanda and Katie for his gifts and a big Thank you to my mom for the cake she brought up and her gifts! Other than my mom coming up, not to much as been going on! Just the same old same old. Hubby and I are trying to make a decision on maybe moving next year. Would love to move somewhere exciting..Like a destination kind of place! We'll see! Today things are back to normal. On Wednesday I go to court for that stupid speeding ticket so wish me luck on that!!!! Whelp that about sums it up for now!
Later Tators!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Tristan!!

My mother came for a visit this weekend, so while she was here we decided to have a small party for my son Tristan he will be 3 on Sept. 25! I can't believe it...time flies by sooooo fast!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Tristan!!! We Love you!!

Blue lips are from the yummy cake :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is Your Weight Loss Story?

Girl do I have a diet for you! How many times have you heard this? Or have you heard "You have to try this diet, it is so easy and I am losing weight like crazy!" My response is usually the same...yea right! I love seeing and laughing at the commercials on TV..this was me before (insert diet here) and look at me know! Oh wow I need to call right don't get me wrong I am sure some of these diets work, specially the ones you have to buy the meals for and have them delivered..hell they should after spend tons of money on the food....but really who has the money to spend on these meals? And what does the rest of your family eat while you are eating these packaged meals that are so called healthy? So I have decided to come up with my own diet online commercial and share it with all of you. I really can't believe I am going to share my fat here I go!

This is me after giving the birth to my third child in Sept. 2005 (sorry could not find a better pic)
I had gained 70 pounds while pregnant with Tristan!

And just look at me now! Only seven months later at my wedding in April 2006!

How did I lose all this weight and look this great after only seven months of giving birth? It is the diet we all know...called..Nursing your Newborn and Watching What You Eat! It is a very simple diet to follow, and helped me drop the pounds in time for my wedding! I also am a vegetarian a diet which I highly recommend for easy weight loss, being a vegetarian has helped me maintain the perfect weight for me. So there is your diet tip for the day! ;)

Okay, so there it is my first online commercial. What do you think about it? Or do you have a diet you love? Share your weight loss story with me!

On the family side: It is raining like crazy outside today which means my hubby lucked up and is in the office today. My oldest and I are sitting here home-schooling, and trying to stay awake..the rain is making us tired. My soon to be three year old is walking around with a clothes basket on his head for some reason or another. My youngest is in my room addicted to Blue's Clue's today. Preston is at school, we got his progress reports yesterday..he is lacking by 1 C to get on the AB honor he is trying to pull that C up. This people is a huge thing in this home, last year he was the child that could not sit still and was getting into trouble...Huge change this year..thankfully!! My mother is coming up for a visit this Friday, she is staying until sometime on Saturday. I am happy she is coming, can't wait to hang out with my mom :)
And someone was at the door a few minutes ago giving me a notice that the town's drinking water may not be safe...GREAT...glad we have a well...but we will have to remember this when going out to eat..and does this mean the school's water is gross...Geez....Well, I guess I should get off the computer and finish schooling and start some more cleaning...I want my house spotless for mom's visit...
Later Tators!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Six Layers ( a small post about my life)

(in picture: my brother and I in 1979 wearing outfits made by my mom)

A very very quick intro to my life in a nutshell...

Okay, My life in a nutshell...first off I was born in North Carolina. I grew up with both of my parents in the home and my younger (by 4 years) brother Brian. My home life was pretty normal! Moved out of parents house when I was 18, my parents were in the middle of getting divorced. I moved in with boyfriend at the time Jody. Fast forward...broke it off with Jody (but he remained my best friend till his death in 2005), dated for awhile..married...had two kids..divorced....dated and dealt with being a single mom for seven years...met my now hubby online...married...added two more kids (in between the births of my last to kids I lost my very very best friend Jody, it has been one the hardest things in my life to go through..he is still very much missed today)....Anyway, moved to a new town due to hubby's job...okay...during all of this craziness, both of my parents have remarried. I have a wonderful step-mom, Karen and gained a step brother Chris. I also have a wonderful step-dad Sherrill, and gained three step sisters Jennifer, Kelly, and Kristin and all of their hubby's and all of their kids (all girls so far). So now my family is huge! My brother is also married to a wonderful women, Amanda and they have a little girl name is Katherine (Katey)
Got all of yes, I also am a terrible speller and use words in the wrong place and have terrible grammar if you see something in my posts that are totally wrong..just laugh and keep on going ;)
So now more just about me... :)

I got this tag from Iceah



1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.

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Copy this Participants List: Me and Mine | Creative in Me | For the LOVE of Food | Little Peanut | Pea in a Pod | It’s Where the HEART Is | Around the World | SugarMagnolias | I Am Mommy | All About The Memories | Enchanted Play | Just My Scrap | Whats Up | Simply Me | Kitchen Deelite | A Mothers Horizon | In Depth | A Life in Bloom | Because Life is a Blessing | Digiscraptology | Joys iN life | Life is What we Make it | Photo Blog | Dancing in Midlife Tune | Pinay Mommy Online | Mommy Earns Money Online | Blessings and Beyond | Posh Post Reviews | Flowersbythewayside |The Fab and The Furious | Common Sense is Not So Common | Caffeinated Muse | Purpled Sky Chicken Heart



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Jan. 5

North Carolina

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Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Righty or Lefty:

Your heritage:
Mutt (all mixed up) (name a few..Irish, English, Native, Polish, etc.)

The shoes you wore today:

Your weakness:
sweets, chips, Ice tea

Your fears:
Losing my love ones

Your perfect pizza:
Pizza Hut veggie

Goal you’d like to achieve in life:
Growing old with my hubby and leading a happy life with my children and seeing my grand-children grow up.


Your most overused phrase on IM:

Your first waking thoughts:
It's morning already?

Your best physical feature:
my hair (down past my rear)

Your most missed memory:
talking with Jody (he was killed in a car accident in 2005)


Pepsi or Coke:
neither do not drink soft drinks

McDonald’s or Burger King:

Single or group dates:
Doesn't matter.

Adidas or Nike:
do not wear tennis shoes

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:

Chocolate or vanilla:

Cappuccino or coffee:

A famous person, dead or alive, that you would interview:
Aranka Siegal (author of Upon the Head of the Goat)

Movie you can watch and say the lines along with the actors:
Capital Ron..(i know..I

Name two of your passions in life:
My family and vacation

Least favorite time of day:

Hairspray or gel:
don't use either one

Your favorite meal:
toss between mexican and chinese

Color you see when you close your eyes:
blackness with light spots

Listen to classical music:

Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it:

- END -

If you would like to share more about you....then all you have to do is copy and paste this...and of course change your answers....

This was a very quick post today...Back to my normal post this week. Have a wonderful finish to your weekends!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Am Not Pregnant!!!!

I am not pregnant! Ahhh what a wonderful feeling!! What brought this on? Whelp, last night I was thinking about the ages of my kids and the age gaps between them. My fourth child Sebastian is 17 months now, when Tristan (3 this month) my third child was 17 months I was eight months pregnant with Sebastian... I tell ya, I am very happy this is not a replayed scenario this time around! Don't get me wrong, I love the end results of pregnancy, that sweet precious baby..but...besides being able to eat whatever I want and getting those bigger boobs, pregnancy is hard work! I mean really, all those hormones and ugly maternity clothes. I do not miss the nauseousness, the belly button that sticks out when you start to get huge, swollen feet, back pain, not being able to sleep ever, bathroom breaks all the time, wondering where the next new stretch mark will be and of course losing my skinny body! The list can go and on and on...
A short story: I remember being soo huge at eight months pregnant, hubby and I went shopping, and as we were walking around I thought I caught him looking at this really cute girl in her sexy tight jeans...ohh I was angry....but LATER as I thought more about it, I was really angry because I was really really pregnant and could not wear my tight sexy jeans at the time...and oh how I missed my jeans!! There is nothing like being able to enjoy sliding into a great pair of jeans getting spiffed up and feeling sexy! Specially for a 34 year old mom of four ;) So today I am celebrating NOT being pregnant!!! To those that are trying to get pregnant remember to enjoy the act that causes pregnancy ;) to those who are pregnant..remember to relax, stop worrying about the house so much, and put those swollen feet up and make your man rub them...and for those of us who are happy as hell we are not pregnant...Enjoy those sexy jeans!!! :)

On the family side: My husband got injured at work yesterday. He works mostly outdoors and was walking around in the woods and a prickly bush caught him and stuck him in the eyeball....his eyeball was we took him to the eye doctor, thankfully his eye will be fine! Seems like all my kids have a cold, summer colds can be the worst! But I am hopeful all the colds will be gone soon! Since it is 9-11 sadness is in the air. Maybe one day the world will see peace on earth! Not sure if this will ever happen in my can only hope!
Later Tators!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How good of a friend are you?

I was up last night at 3am due to my little one being sick. So I was sitting holding him while he was drifting off to sleep and I decided to watch TV, let me tell ya there is nothing on at 3am! So I stopped on a movie called Crossroads...yes the Britney Spears movie! Anyway, so I decided to see just how bad this movie was. As I sat there watching this film I started to wonder about this poor child and her life...well I guess poor I should not say...but on to the point. My question is: How good of a friend are you? If your best friend was Britney Spears would you have stood by your friend? Would you have been there for her no matter what? Even though everyone around the world thought she was in trouble and losing her mind and making fun of her? Or what if your best friend stole money from your church, because she had no money for bills. Everyone in the church found out she was the one that stole the money, and they would have nothing to do with her. Would you still be her friend? Does she get a second chance to redeem herself? Or does that friend get left out in the cold? What about Britney Spears, does she get a second chance? She has been trying to get things back together in her life, does that count? Or are we programmed to just give up on people once they have done things that have brought embarrassment and shame upon themselves? I have lost friends in my past over very stupid situations. We have all since then forgiven each other about the silly reasons for loss of friendship, but the relationships were never the same. But ever since the fighting between friends disrupted my life and losing my best friend to a car accident. I have promised myself to stand by friends no matter what insanity follows....specially if that friend was a family member...Life is way to short to be wasted on labeling people as not being good enough to be my friend! So again...How good of a friend are you? Do you stand by your friends no matter what?

On the family side: As you have read my youngest Sebastian is sick with a terrible cold with a stuffy nose and cough, hoping he does not end up with an ear infection! Tristan is talking so much more clearer these days. He was one of those that was hooked on his pacifier until a few months ago. Ever since we got rid of it his speech is getting more clearer everyday! Last night Preston was sharing all that he is learning in school and was very excited about it. Preston is very smart and will go far in long as he will sit still long enough to pay attention! Kiersten had a blast yesterday at the home-school group gathering. Her class cooked and learn how to milk a cow and had some discussions about the book they are reading Farmers Boy. Terry is tired of working and wants a vacation...I told him join the crowed..Oh yea and my hubby jumped in the shower with me the other day...just to piss me off post do you shower with your lover)...And my sister-in-law called and is getting excited about her little ones first official Halloween, which my kids keep asking when they are getting customs...I'm like...when we have the money! LOL Geez, all this means is Christmas will be here soon and I have to go spend money on gifts instead of a vacation ;) Have a great day all!
Later Tators!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blogger Award! :)

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Thank you Iceah for the kick ass blogger award! You also deserve this award, I love reading your blog. If any of you have not been on Iceah's blog visit it here:
I should pick five people to nominate..but I can't to many to pick if you read this post and you leave comments on my blog so I can find you..then you know I lurk on your blogs, so to my blog buddies you know you are on my best blog list!! Have a great day all...and Thank you again Iceah!! :)

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming out of the closet!

(in the two pictures, first one me and my mom 1992, second one taken today)
Before the rods in my closets crumble under the pressure from mounds of clothes. I decided it was time to clean them out a little..during my cleaning I saw it, there it was my favorite sweater coat. I have had this sweater coat since high school..yes I know I am now 34 and this sweater coat is like 16 years old..but I love it... and I really I think it is still in style (don't tell me if it is not) So of course I tried it on and started day dreaming about Autumn and all the wonderful things about chillier weather...the best thing of course is....I get to wear all of my fall clothes..which of course these clothes help hide all the flab in certain areas and not to mention I don't have to shave my flipping legs as often as I do now "Watch out here comes bush women!" So during my daydreaming I started to wonder how many other ancient clothes I have, well besides my goal pants (see goal pants post)! So here I go totally messing up my room (well our room I should say) even more going through my closets and drawers. I have to say I have a couple of shirts and tank tops that I have had since my early 20's, you didn't see me write any jeans from my early 20's did ya? So why do I have these old clothes? Well, I guess I would have to say for one I can still fit into them ;) (2) I am to poor after getting my kids new things, to buy myself new items and (3) What else am I going to wear around the house? I mean really ;) But hey it's not just me, my mom gave my oldest son Preston, who is 10, a tank top that was MY brother's when he was brother is now 30...but I do have to say the tank top is a Michael Jordan and is in good condition. This though is unusual for my mother to keep things that long. She is not one for letting things sit around her house, if its sits there to long it is sold! My mother and my brother are the same in this way (neat freaks), I really believe that my brother would sell his wife and child if he didn't love them so much. I think somehow I got the raw end of the stick...see I am more of a clutter freak....okay don't is a, but really, I guess I am basically just a slob. I try not to be, really I do...but there is just more to life then worrying about cleaning all the time. Okay, back to clothes "What I want to know is how many of you have clothes from way back when and do you wear them or are they just sitting there taking up space?" Don't be shy or embarrassed...Share! :)

**If you normally do not read my On the family side...check it out today!**

On the family side..Okay, so I have had one hell of a week!!!! To start off my husbands car failed inspection, it needs three new tires. Since we do not have the money right now to get them, we decided to park his car and just drive our mini van for now. So I am taking him to and from work everyday! Okay, well on Tuesday my day was going great! I went and got my hubby from work, we were being all lovey dovey on our way to pick Preston up from school....and there he was...a cop pulling me over for speeding..I tried to get out of it..I think I am losing my touch, I use to never get tickets. Hum, note to self go back to not wearing a bra.. I got a ticket for doing 38 in a 25..errrr yes I was speeding. But I really did think the speed limit was 35! Then last night I was on my merrily way to go grocery shopping. I spend two hours shopping, having to be cautious on my spending. So after waiting in this huge line, it was finally my turn. I get all of my items rung up and and in my cart and then that is where hell started! My credit card was DENIED!!!! I tried it like four times while all of the people behind me were getting ill and staring at they make me go to another register to try to run my card...DENIED over and over...I was so upset! I know there is money in there, I checked right before I went shopping! So I told them I would be back with my I leave and go to the bank...I bank in NC but live in VA so it is not my bank..anyway, the bank machine say NO FUNDS!!!! What! I fly home get my checkbook and check my account again..yep there is money in there....go back to the grocery store get my groceries. Called this morning, bank does not know what to say! I have money in my account, nothing wrong with my card...everything is fine. Talk about embarrassing!!!!! The last hell thing that happened this week happened today! I had just finished writing this very post and my computer crashed, and smart me did not save my work!!! So I had to rewrite all of this...the first draft was soooooo much better....Oh well, I am going to keep my head held high in this small town, laugh at the gossip about myself and week someone else will be the town gossip ;) More on my family! I have to call the beauty pageant today my daughter was going to be in and let them know we could not come up with enough sponsor money...they wanted 495.00 for a teen pageant and not knowing to many people in VA we just could not come up with the sponsorships they have to have. Luckily my daughter is fine with not doing the pageant. My son Preston had a field trip today to the zoo, he enjoyed it..I want to take all the kids to the zoo this fall. My two youngest are trying to come down with colds. And last but not least, my hubby decided to ride his bike to work. He said he needed to lose a few pounds. I said oh whatever....Whelp, that is it for now I am done venting. Now to look forward to a nice and quite weekend with my family. We are going to watch some movies, play some board games and enjoy the rainy weather from the hurricane! :)
Later Tators!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Visit to Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia

We visited Hollywood Cemetery on
Labor Day this past weekend. The Cemetery is located in Richmond VA. If you live in Virginia it is worth a trip to see this amazing place. I know that sounds weird but it really is a beautiful place. There are presidents buried there along with soldiers from allot of different wars along with other people in history.

Picture is my family overlooking the James River.

This is me standing in front of a monument dedicated to the women of war.

The last two are pictures of my kids standing in front of a huge Weeping
Willow in the soldiers part of the Cemetery.