Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blogger Award! :)

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Thank you Iceah for the kick ass blogger award! You also deserve this award, I love reading your blog. If any of you have not been on Iceah's blog visit it here:
I should pick five people to nominate..but I can't to many to pick if you read this post and you leave comments on my blog so I can find you..then you know I lurk on your blogs, so to my blog buddies you know you are on my best blog list!! Have a great day all...and Thank you again Iceah!! :)

Later Tators!


kaushal said...

hey!! you can nominate me..
i am new in blog-o-sphere n dont hav any friends

Mummy said...

Couldn't be award to a fabbier blog :)

P'tit Praince said...

i love the (long) title of your blog

iceah said...

am glad you had posted your award c: you deserve it , your welcome c:and by the way it's iceah c: could we xlinks coz i love to lurk on your blog c:
i have a mom blog too c:

Nina said...

Girl you deserve the Kick Ass Blogger award. I am always reading and commenting on your blog just as I know you visit and comment on mine. It is always fun and you are always a great read.

Tiffiney said...

Thank all of ladies for your wonderful comments!! You are giving me the confidence I need to keep on blogging!!! See you all on your blogs :)