Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming out of the closet!

(in the two pictures, first one me and my mom 1992, second one taken today)
Before the rods in my closets crumble under the pressure from mounds of clothes. I decided it was time to clean them out a little..during my cleaning I saw it, there it was my favorite sweater coat. I have had this sweater coat since high school..yes I know I am now 34 and this sweater coat is like 16 years old..but I love it... and I really I think it is still in style (don't tell me if it is not) So of course I tried it on and started day dreaming about Autumn and all the wonderful things about chillier weather...the best thing of course is....I get to wear all of my fall clothes..which of course these clothes help hide all the flab in certain areas and not to mention I don't have to shave my flipping legs as often as I do now "Watch out here comes bush women!" So during my daydreaming I started to wonder how many other ancient clothes I have, well besides my goal pants (see goal pants post)! So here I go totally messing up my room (well our room I should say) even more going through my closets and drawers. I have to say I have a couple of shirts and tank tops that I have had since my early 20's, you didn't see me write any jeans from my early 20's did ya? So why do I have these old clothes? Well, I guess I would have to say for one I can still fit into them ;) (2) I am to poor after getting my kids new things, to buy myself new items and (3) What else am I going to wear around the house? I mean really ;) But hey it's not just me, my mom gave my oldest son Preston, who is 10, a tank top that was MY brother's when he was brother is now 30...but I do have to say the tank top is a Michael Jordan and is in good condition. This though is unusual for my mother to keep things that long. She is not one for letting things sit around her house, if its sits there to long it is sold! My mother and my brother are the same in this way (neat freaks), I really believe that my brother would sell his wife and child if he didn't love them so much. I think somehow I got the raw end of the stick...see I am more of a clutter freak....okay don't is a, but really, I guess I am basically just a slob. I try not to be, really I do...but there is just more to life then worrying about cleaning all the time. Okay, back to clothes "What I want to know is how many of you have clothes from way back when and do you wear them or are they just sitting there taking up space?" Don't be shy or embarrassed...Share! :)

**If you normally do not read my On the family side...check it out today!**

On the family side..Okay, so I have had one hell of a week!!!! To start off my husbands car failed inspection, it needs three new tires. Since we do not have the money right now to get them, we decided to park his car and just drive our mini van for now. So I am taking him to and from work everyday! Okay, well on Tuesday my day was going great! I went and got my hubby from work, we were being all lovey dovey on our way to pick Preston up from school....and there he was...a cop pulling me over for speeding..I tried to get out of it..I think I am losing my touch, I use to never get tickets. Hum, note to self go back to not wearing a bra.. I got a ticket for doing 38 in a 25..errrr yes I was speeding. But I really did think the speed limit was 35! Then last night I was on my merrily way to go grocery shopping. I spend two hours shopping, having to be cautious on my spending. So after waiting in this huge line, it was finally my turn. I get all of my items rung up and and in my cart and then that is where hell started! My credit card was DENIED!!!! I tried it like four times while all of the people behind me were getting ill and staring at they make me go to another register to try to run my card...DENIED over and over...I was so upset! I know there is money in there, I checked right before I went shopping! So I told them I would be back with my I leave and go to the bank...I bank in NC but live in VA so it is not my bank..anyway, the bank machine say NO FUNDS!!!! What! I fly home get my checkbook and check my account again..yep there is money in there....go back to the grocery store get my groceries. Called this morning, bank does not know what to say! I have money in my account, nothing wrong with my card...everything is fine. Talk about embarrassing!!!!! The last hell thing that happened this week happened today! I had just finished writing this very post and my computer crashed, and smart me did not save my work!!! So I had to rewrite all of this...the first draft was soooooo much better....Oh well, I am going to keep my head held high in this small town, laugh at the gossip about myself and week someone else will be the town gossip ;) More on my family! I have to call the beauty pageant today my daughter was going to be in and let them know we could not come up with enough sponsor money...they wanted 495.00 for a teen pageant and not knowing to many people in VA we just could not come up with the sponsorships they have to have. Luckily my daughter is fine with not doing the pageant. My son Preston had a field trip today to the zoo, he enjoyed it..I want to take all the kids to the zoo this fall. My two youngest are trying to come down with colds. And last but not least, my hubby decided to ride his bike to work. He said he needed to lose a few pounds. I said oh whatever....Whelp, that is it for now I am done venting. Now to look forward to a nice and quite weekend with my family. We are going to watch some movies, play some board games and enjoy the rainy weather from the hurricane! :)
Later Tators!!


iceah said...

i like your wedding pic it's so sweet c: you deserve the award c: hope to know more about about you c:

Laura said...

I actually have two closets the big walk in is holding work clothes (which I am not using now)and "I may get back in these" clothes. The smaller closet has the items I currently wear. I really need to do the same...clean it out. I can only open the door to the big closet halfway and there is about 6 inches of clear floor space lol.

On the family side...sounds like you get a lot of those damn curve balls as well. I can so relate to parking the car, making sure you don't over spend and yes I have been in that line and told DENIED!

K.C. Gagne said...

A pack-rat I am not. Nor have I ever been. However... I do have old work clothes in my closet. (Haven't worked out of the home in over 6 years.) They are there *just in case* I go back to work. NOT! Some of them don't even fit any more (too big... yay!) and the rest are definitely out of style. I have slowly started sorting through them and bringing them to Goodwill. Thanks for reminding me that its time for the next trip.

Anonymous said...

I actually dont have anything!

The oldest thing I have is the dress I wore to our Debs Ball in my final year of school - so its 13 years old! Its a white dress and is hideuos - I was so huge back then that just the sheer size makes it revolting!

I chuck stuff out once a year - mainly cos we just dont have space!

AngieSS said...

I can totally relate! I have so many old clothes in my closet that many of them have that dust stain on the shoulders from years and years of just sitting there hoping to be worn again. I do have a few old items that lucked out and were moved to the front. I've been telling myself it's time to get rid of what I don't wear--but it's so hard. And the "DENIED" thing--been there too. And the hairy legs--I'm headed that way already. LOL

LJ Charleston said...

Hey re clutter freaks, I have stuff in my wardrobe I havent worn in nearly ten know they say there's a rule that if you haven't worn something in a year you never's never stuck with me!

Tiffiney said...

Thank you all for leaving your comments!! I have enjoyed reading them..To all of having to do the chore of cleaning out those closets and of luck..maybe you will find that one treasure worth keeping... :)