Friday, October 10, 2008

What I like/dislike about being a girl!

What I don't like about being a girl!
1. Monthly cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Having to shave: under arms, legs, privates (men have to shave their face..big deal!!)
3. Husbands thinking we are the built in babysitters for our kids
4. Feeling like a maid in my own home!
5. Going to the girlie doctors once a year! (yuck)
6. Wrinkles
7. Breast Cancer
8. Oral (
9. Oh dear my butt is getting bigger
10. Laundry
11. Worrying all the time about everything!!
12. People saying "When are you expecting And your not!!! :)
13. Hum, can't think of anything...Can you?

Things I like about being a girl!

1. Wearing cute dresses
2. Eating free on a date
3. I don't have to be embarrassed by the shows I watch
4. Never had to worry about covering body parts that well..may stick up at the wrong times
5. If you are in a crowd and someone farts..usually people think its a guy...(really it was you tho)
6. Only jewelry had to buy someone was a wedding band (besides kids of course)
7. I most of the time decide if we are having sex or not! ;)
8. Can cry if I want to...anywhere!
9. Cover up zits with makeup and not look stupid
10. Boobs
11. Excuse for being a huge bitty at least once a month
12. Being able to have a baby!
13. Can buy a car cheaper then a man...if you are dealing with a man sales guy ;)
14. Most of the time get out of speeding tickets (unless you are dealing with a short jerk)
15. When broke down beside the road, men will stop to help
16. Free drinks
17. Discounts on any woman's day specials
18. Men expect us to spend money
19. Do not have to punch someone out for looking at my man
20. I don't have to cut the grass if I don't feel like it
21. I am not expected to change my own oil
22. I can watch a sappy girl movie as many times as I want to
23. Chocolate
24. Purses
25. Cute shoes
26. Look cute in my librarian glasses
27. Can return things to problem...not that hard guys!
28. Can ask for directions and not be embarrassed
29. Don't have to spend allot to get a beer buzz
30. Can wear ugly PJ's and still look cute
31. Does not take much to get a man going...when you are ready for some!
32. Can chase monster's away and Come to my kids or cats the rescue!!
33. Can hug anyone I want..and no one will think I'm sleeping with that person
34. Being called Mommy!
35. Candles
36. Bubble Baths
37. Sex in the City
38. Oral (receiving)
39. This list can go on and on and I will stop with #40!
40. Knowing you are mentally stronger than any man and whatever he says or does to you, you can hold your held up high and work through his crap and in the end become a better person!! Simply are a WOMEN!!!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts..add to either list!!!! :)

On the family side: Enjoyed a nice break from school today. We all just hung around and cleaned some and played outdoors to enjoy the weather. Hubby is home now for a nice long weekend, he is off this Monday! And I Netflix delivered the Sex in the City the movie..oh heck yea can't wait to watch that!! Fall is totally in the air, have been sitting here as I write this looking at the leaves float by my nice and relaxing! No plans really this weekend..just more relaxing! Have a great weekend all! :)
Later Tators!


Christie said...

This was so funny and so true! Thanks for sharing!

Mummy said...

Oh how true!!! the only question left then is whether anything on the first list outweighs the length of the second! Sometimes it feels like the monthly cycle and being pregant/giving birth couls well do! lol

Lapa37 said...

I can't think of anything you said it all.I think being a woman wouldn't be to bad if we didn't have to do the whole red sea monthly.I love the picture you have with the 2 cats too funny.

Kathy said...

Love the lists!

iceah said...

true,true,true great observation you made me laugh on the oral hahaha c: but my nurse friend told me that guys should also shave their private parts for good hygiene too c:

i have a surprise for you on my mom blog c:

iceah said...

very funny c: just read the second part the likes c: your very right about that c: everything you've written on the 2nd part applies to me too c:

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this!!!!

What a totally cool post!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Very comprehensive.

Add to dislikes: morning sickness, cellulite, unwanted facial hair (I though only men were supposed to have hair on their face!)
*speaking for myself of course

Add to likes: more outfit/shoe options (dresses AND pants, flats AND heels), gay male friends, can sing in the car without looking quite as dorky as men do.

Stephanie said...

I think you covered most everything! ;) I love seeing other women willing to put their self and their opinions out there. Great post!

Nina said...

Your list were cracking me up. I can't think of anything else to add, I think you have covered it.

Tiffiney said...

Thank you all for leaving your comments and to Kate for leaving all the add on's love them!!

Stephanie still only see an older you have a new one? would love to read and leave a comment for you! :) Let me know!

Stephanie said...

Tiffiney, I started a new blog yesterday. I posted just a few minutes ago, too. Now I just have to remember to post on a normal basis. ;) It will be easier when I'm done working for this season and home more.

Have a Wonderful Day!

BPOTW said...

I'm at a loss. You've thought of just about everything! How about, we can get a massage from both men and women and not feel weird.

Thanks for submitting again!

Tiffiney said...

Thank you steph and best post for comments... :)