Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Somewhere in time!

Sometimes I wonder what life would have really been like back over the years. Would I have really liked living in the 1700 or 1800's? Life seemed so romantic back in those days. Everyone spoke actual English and not slang. They wore prim and proper clothes and had lavish parties. But really was it that romantic? First off, I could not deal with slavery! And hum, no showers everyday, No deodorant, yuck. Sucking it in, in those corsets and maybe even dealing with lice. Does not sound to romantic does it? Okay, maybe that time period will have to live without me...oh wait it already did...I really would have loved to have wore a flapper dress in the 20's and danced the night away. And what about the 50's and their poodle dresses, and black and white shoes (oxford's) love those! Okay onward...the 60's and 70's hippie time! My mom always said I was born in the wrong era, sometimes I think she is right. But I do like the modern convinces of today. The 80's hey I was there..they were a blast, okay I was a kid..but Yes, I did have the leather pants and crazy hair style and loved Michael Jackson and wanted so terribly to ride my skate board while hanging on the back of a car, like Back to the Future! And oh the jelly shoes and jelly bracelets..boy did I have a million of those! But the 90's now those were my days! I was in high school and loving life! Boys! Boys! Boys! Grades? What grades? No it was all about guys, drugs, friends, and partying....those were the days...the days of large hair still here from the 80's, and yes I had the large hair and tons of make-up oh man did I were gobs of it! I dyed my hair every color under the sun...yes even jet black! Then BOOM it hit...1995! What, I'm pregnant? Wow, does that change your life in a flash. So yes, I had two babies in the 90's, got divorced, and had to grow up. But its all good, the 90's were awesome years! Onward to the millennium years crazy times...remarried, two more babies and moved to a new state. Style really does not matter these days, everything flies. Even old lady big hair...and wigs...bell bottoms, which yes I wear and love them! War still going on, what number is this again? Will we ever have peace? And the global warming, will the world end in 2012? Life has been crazy over the years past. Some I was there for and some...not even thought of..But I do have to say, over any time period. I like this one. Yea, it would be cool to visit the other periods, just to see how people really lived. Anyone have a time machine? In this time, we still have war and racism in the world, sadly but honestly I am not sure if those two things will ever NOT exist. But as for the convinces of this time, I mean come on air condition, heat, the toilet indoors, showers everyday, phones, T.V., and hey the computer which if I did not have...you would not be reading this blog! Really though...we are Free, free to do what we please for the most part. So yea, this time is right for me. What about you? What is your favorite time period?

On the family side: My step sis had here baby! Just a little about my step sis, she is married with 3 girls and her and hubby decided to have one more child to complete their family. And I am happy to announce for her last child, she had a little baby boy! I am so over the moon about this, no they were not having one more to have a boy, but that is what they got and I am ecstatic that she gets to have a whole new experience..specially in the changing diapers area!!! Love you girl! Other news, I went to court for child support and got that all taken care off...Should not have to go back to court for that for sometime now! My ex is going to give me sole legal custody of my 2 oldest kids which I am very happy with, so much easier for us to get through the borders when I have sole custody! Other then these things, not to much else has gone on. Just hanging around the house, not really wanting to be online. This has been a trend for a little while, trying to get my home organized and other things. Just have not really had the time to be on, or just not really feeling like being on. But, you will see me here and there on my blog so keep checking back. I will be visiting your blogs to, of course have to keep up with you all. OH yea, as for the sweets I have been doing okay. I am not going to lie. I have had some treats. I needed them...LOLOL...cutting out sweets I really think, has been the hardest addiction to break! :(
Later Tators!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What 35! How did that happen?

Yes, it is true. I turned 35 on Monday Jan. 5! And I have to admit, I do not really feel any older then I already did before. I am not going to worry about aging to much. If I start getting wrinkles and my hair turns gray well so be it...I do have four kids so I can see these things happening way before there time...LOL...but really can you stop the aging process? I guess you can if you have all sorts of surgery, which I am really not all for..(unless medically needed)I mean come on, you see the actors and famous people that have these surgeries to try to stay looking young..you can tell, and some just look way worse then they ever did! Nope I think I will age gracefully, well I hope at least..I really hope one day I don't creep out of bed and look in the mirror and say...Holy crap what happen to you? I guess with my aging gracefully it is time to start taking some measures. I really should be using lotion allot more then I do, and taking some vitamins and minerals. The biggest thing they say you can do for yourself to slow some of the aging process is to eat healthy and exercise. Well, heck glad those things are on my list of goals for 2009 ;) Anyway, so back to my birthday..what did we do for my bday? Whelp, my 13 year old babysat her brothers, and hubby and I went out to eat! Yes, we went out by ourselves..granted in this town you are 5 min from everything, so if our kids needed us we would be home in like 2 min...and there is not a huge selection of restaurants here..but hey we got out and ate breakfast for dinner and it was oh so yummy..and had conversation with no kids interrupting..I have to say...It was nice! We stopped on the way home and got the kids Mickie D's....and went home and they ate, and then we had cake! So there that was my my bday..Nothing to fancy, but hey I'm not a fancy person..so it suited me just fine :)

So what else has been going on you ask? Well, I almost had a heart attack the other day..and no this has nothing to do with aging..I opened my electric bill..and what do I see? A huge flippin bill....373.58 to be exact...can you believe this? Now I rent and we have been in this house for let's see...10 months now and our bill has never been this high..so yes I am in line for them to come check the meter...and I have gotten the landlord to check the hot water heater and whatever else may be causing such a high bill...so far everything is fine..the meter will be checked in a week or so, so I will keep you posted...but really I cannot afford an almost 400 light bill a month, we keep the thermostat around 70...and heck we have radiant heat...so we buy oil to...oh no...not happening!! Something must be done! Okay, just had to get that off my chest!

So on to our family New Year's resolutions....
1. Get in Shape (my poor bum and tummy need it)
2. Stop Cussing (yes I am ashamed, I do cuss...got to stop)
3. Go back to church
4. Move out of this town! (please...get me out)
5. Keep my house cleaner (I try, I really do....I will try harder)
6. Keep up with the laundry better! (LOLOLOLOL..yea right)
7. Stop being so darn lazy (this one is hard, I love to lounge)
8. Be a better teacher to my kids (in all area's specially house work..haha)
9. Stop eating so many sweets and eat healthier
10. Get organized
1.Try to get family out of this town
2.Look into grad school
3.Stop gaming (okay, so I added this one..haha)
Now did you see anywhere, help clean the house, wash clothes...yard work..be more loving anything???hum!


1.Learn to play the piano (she got a huge keyboard for Christmas, so she will be taking lessons soon)
2.Get better at math
3.Pay more attention to my cat
4.Write a book ( she is working hard on this)
5.Stop being lazy (like her mom...haha)

1. Read more (boy hates to read! we have to stay on him like flies on crap to get his reading done)
2.Work out (he's in training ladies..he is 10..and girl crazy..what am I to do?...lol)
3.Play a sport
4.Do my chores more (ha....would love for this one to happen)

1.Learn to read
2.Sleep in my bed every night (would love for this one to happen)
3.Clean my own room (yea right, he is way to smart..he gets everyone else to clean it)

1.Stop driving mom crazy with all my crying (please....let this one happen..haha)
2.Learn to talk more
3.Get potty trained (this one will be tough...I just know this one will take a while)
4.Sleep in my own bed (please!!)

So there you have it...my family's goals for 2009..okay okay...I made up Tristan's and Sebastian's...but hey they are realistic goals..don't ya think? ;)

Catch you up to date on my sweet habit...it has been hard this week, but I have not eaten any sweets..besides a slice of my bday cake! I am not totally stopping sweets...just cutting way back! I am going to treat myself from time to time! My new found love is a banana with peanut butter down one side..It is oh so yummy! If you have any healthy treats you love, share them with me! I could use some new options! Hope everyone's New Year is a wonderful one!!
Later Tators!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The First Step is to Admit you have a Problem!

Okay, so it's a new year now so I must let you all know that I have an addiction!!!! Yes, me..I am addicted to ......sweets.....candy, cakes, cookies, pie, you name it I love it!!!!!!! So there, the first step is to admit you have a problem. And now I have done this. Just a little background info on me and addictions...I use to smoke cigarettes...long time ago now..but I quit.....use to be addicted to meat...long time ago and I gave that up to....use to be addicted to soda's but I quit those two....yes that is right....I do not drink soda's and have not for about 8 years or so maybe longer! So you see I can give up things, hard things to give up! But now I am sadden, I really need to give my current addition up, or I may end up being 400 pounds! So what to do? How I am going to cut this addition out??????? Whelp, I am going to hold strong and just not buy this crap anymore! Well, okay let's be serious I will buy some here and there. I mean really the kids should not have to suffer, just cause their mother does not have the willpower to not eat those yummy chocolate cakes! Ohhh chocolate cakes..I love you sooooo!!!! Okay Tiff get a grip!! Anyway, so who out there is with me? Who is going to stop eating snacks and only treat themselves from time to time only? Anyone??? :0) Now if you see me on my twitter and I have made a comment saying I have made cookies or baklava..my favorite...I want no comments on that..lolol....We got a Wii for Christmas and I plan on getting Wii fit as soon as I can...so I can exercise those treats right off!

On the family side: Our Christmas was wonderful! Santa was awesome this year and the kids got what they wanted (meaning child support came through..luckily!). My dad and step mom came up here a few days before Christmas, and we had Christmas with them. We dug into our finger food spread and then we all exchanged tons of gifts and then we chilled out and sat and had wonderful conversation and laughs with them..Then the day before Christmas Eve hubby and I packed up the kids and headed for my mom's in NC. The two older kids went to see their dad for an overnight stay and returned on Christmas Eve day. In which my mother had tons of food, so we ate, hung out, and opened a ton of gifts..so many in fact that we could not pack them all in the car! So mom is coming tomorrow (sat) to bring the rest of the gifts! Anyhow, we loaded our car up and headed home on Christmas Eve, got the kids to bed and then here comes Santa...that fat man left us waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much stuff! But the kids awoke on Christmas morning and were in Ahhh...so Thanks Santa! Our New Year's was what you expect it would be when you have four kids...we stayed at home :0) and to be honest, that is fine with me..bringing in the New Year with Pj's on is the best! I will write more on our New Year resolutions in my next post!
I hope you all had wonderful holiday's! It has been awhile since I have been on blogs..hubby has been playing his stupid Eve online game...yes I am married to a Gamer!!!! And his games make everything soooo slow! So you will see me back on your blogs catching up next week, when he is back at work..lol...!!! And yes, that means a million comments from your dear reader Tiff :)
Later Tators!

Here are some pics of our very spoiled Christmas! Forgive the blurriness! My camera died after taking these!! I bought a new one the other day! Yay for me! :)

First set are of My dad and Karen's Christmas with us! In the last pic..Tristan thought he was going home with them and was very upset when they left.
The second set is from our Christmas with my mom and stepdad. Now can you tell Christmas is my mother's favorite hoilday? She way over does it...but hey I'm not complaining..lol...

The last one is our Christmas Morning....as you can tell by our look of just getting out of bed and hair all over the place... :)