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Friday, January 2, 2009

The First Step is to Admit you have a Problem!

Okay, so it's a new year now so I must let you all know that I have an addiction!!!! Yes, me..I am addicted to ......sweets.....candy, cakes, cookies, pie, you name it I love it!!!!!!! So there, the first step is to admit you have a problem. And now I have done this. Just a little background info on me and addictions...I use to smoke cigarettes...long time ago now..but I quit.....use to be addicted to meat...long time ago and I gave that up to....use to be addicted to soda's but I quit those two....yes that is right....I do not drink soda's and have not for about 8 years or so maybe longer! So you see I can give up things, hard things to give up! But now I am sadden, I really need to give my current addition up, or I may end up being 400 pounds! So what to do? How I am going to cut this addition out??????? Whelp, I am going to hold strong and just not buy this crap anymore! Well, okay let's be serious I will buy some here and there. I mean really the kids should not have to suffer, just cause their mother does not have the willpower to not eat those yummy chocolate cakes! Ohhh chocolate cakes..I love you sooooo!!!! Okay Tiff get a grip!! Anyway, so who out there is with me? Who is going to stop eating snacks and only treat themselves from time to time only? Anyone??? :0) Now if you see me on my twitter and I have made a comment saying I have made cookies or favorite...I want no comments on that..lolol....We got a Wii for Christmas and I plan on getting Wii fit as soon as I I can exercise those treats right off!

On the family side: Our Christmas was wonderful! Santa was awesome this year and the kids got what they wanted (meaning child support came through..luckily!). My dad and step mom came up here a few days before Christmas, and we had Christmas with them. We dug into our finger food spread and then we all exchanged tons of gifts and then we chilled out and sat and had wonderful conversation and laughs with them..Then the day before Christmas Eve hubby and I packed up the kids and headed for my mom's in NC. The two older kids went to see their dad for an overnight stay and returned on Christmas Eve day. In which my mother had tons of food, so we ate, hung out, and opened a ton of many in fact that we could not pack them all in the car! So mom is coming tomorrow (sat) to bring the rest of the gifts! Anyhow, we loaded our car up and headed home on Christmas Eve, got the kids to bed and then here comes Santa...that fat man left us waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much stuff! But the kids awoke on Christmas morning and were in Thanks Santa! Our New Year's was what you expect it would be when you have four kids...we stayed at home :0) and to be honest, that is fine with me..bringing in the New Year with Pj's on is the best! I will write more on our New Year resolutions in my next post!
I hope you all had wonderful holiday's! It has been awhile since I have been on blogs..hubby has been playing his stupid Eve online game...yes I am married to a Gamer!!!! And his games make everything soooo slow! So you will see me back on your blogs catching up next week, when he is back at!!! And yes, that means a million comments from your dear reader Tiff :)
Later Tators!

Here are some pics of our very spoiled Christmas! Forgive the blurriness! My camera died after taking these!! I bought a new one the other day! Yay for me! :)

First set are of My dad and Karen's Christmas with us! In the last pic..Tristan thought he was going home with them and was very upset when they left.
The second set is from our Christmas with my mom and stepdad. Now can you tell Christmas is my mother's favorite hoilday? She way over does it...but hey I'm not

The last one is our Christmas you can tell by our look of just getting out of bed and hair all over the place... :)


Laura said...

Gosh your kids must be in 7th heaven - thats ALOT of stuff! LOL and advantage of double grandparents :)

Ok I will join you but am giving up soda and tea (in favour of herbal tea) and I am going to TRY wine too!!

Dont forget to update my blog - I have moved to

Stephanie said...

Awesome pics, Tiff! Your family looks wonderful!

I have an addiction to sweets, too. If they weren't so good.... :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Time to Shine in 2009!

Gin said...

Almost all you have listed here, I am still addicted to. But I do try to keep away from them. My suggestion, don't store any around the house. Buy just enough for a night or day, that way if you still want some the next day, it's not there anymore.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Some things like sweets, are just not worth giving up. They bring me such joy!! I once tried to give up sweets and it ended up back firing so that I was eating anything and everything that I hadn't classified under my sweets list, and probably had more sugar than normal! I don't recommend that method.

Tracy said...

I have the same addiction and though I would love to throw myself into it totally I know I can't. I do try to justify it by saying they are not illegal.

Nina said...

First I am so with you... I am a chocoholic bad. I could eat, eat and eat this stuff. If it is in my house I am into it. I try not to buy it to much but the holiday's were really bad and the stockings were flowing with it.

We got a Wii for Christmas and I got the Wii Fit for Christmas. You will laugh when you read my post about it. I have only played on it one day because I have been dreadfully sick with a sinus cold.

Sounds like Christmas was great at your house. The photo's looked like you all had a really good time.

Glad you are back and can't wait to here your New Year's resolutions.

kate spencer said...

I love chocolates too, but I don't think I can quit it, though I only eat small amount of sweets so I can still get on shape.

You have a great family and your kids are so beautiful. Good thing they got "tons of gifts" last Christmas, lucky kids. :)

You have a wonderful post and I'm looking forward to your next post Tiff. Happy New Year!


OregonArtGuy said...

Chocolate....I can relate. I have had type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependant)for 23 years - So I shouldn't have it at all - so say the "experts", but on occasion, if I adjust my insulin, a little chocolate won't kill me(at least not right away). I have several websites that sell the best ever - I'll email them to you :-}. Remember, you invited sarcasm :-}
Have a great day!

OregonArtGuy said...

Sorry - it was Laura who invited sarcasm - I'll kepp it to a minimum :-}

Laura said...

No resolutions for me...I never keep them...but you have named it now claim it...No More Sweets!

But if the urge hits a drive to the gas station for a small fix would be ok.

Great pic looks like everyone had a great holiday.

Gale said...

I amn absolutely addicted to sugar. I gained 8lbs over the holidays and I need to give up the is soooooo hard.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I cannot believe that pile of gifts, does she want to adopt me....?

So glad that you survived the holidays. I too am having a hard time getting back into things again. I guess I just really want to curl up with a good book and just veg.

Good luck with the sweets. I have so little vices in life that giving that up would really ruin things.

Lapa37 said...

Glad to hear you all had a wonderful christmas. Sorry to hear about the giving up of CHOCOLATE..... Good luck with that I couldn't do it.

I am not sure if you do tags but I have one for you.

chubskulit said...

Whoa, I salute you Tiff for giving up those stuff... I can't tell you to give up sweets, im not fond of sweets hehehe..

ryliej said...

admitting a problem is a brave thing that a person can do.. thumbs up for you!

joops said...

Well, I think if you eat sweets in moderation, it wont be bad...

that's from a point of view of a man who has a sweet tooth lol..

misty said...

If you gave those three, I think you can give up sweets too hehehe..

Zen Ventures said...

I'll join you with your chocolate addiction anytime! Just set the date and time and I'll be there! lol~

Texas Mom said...

Wow, were those pics taken in a toy store? ;-)

Gosh, I can't give up chocolates. I'm stocking up and CANDY is part of my inventory. It's called, comfort foods. When the economy drops, I want to have something in my cabinets that lifts the spirit.

ONE of my favorite snacks is sunflower seeds in the shell. This keeps my hands out of the sweets for the most part. I eat these practically every day.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! What a whirlwind. But it does sound like a lot of fun!

Susie said...

Great holiday pictures:-)

I cannot/willnot give up chocolate. They will have to pry a chocolate bar out of my cold dead hand:-)

Tiffiney said...

Thank you all for your comments!! yes giving up sweets will be hard...but hey I am aloud treats...come it up totally..that would be crazy...sweets are not cigs...I can have them once in a while..sweets that is...not the