Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Should you really wear that?

First off I wanted to say, in no way am I poking fun at over weight people. I myself have some extra weight, this is all about how some people choose to dress!....so with that being said...The other day my family and I went out shopping and ended up at the mall. And what I saw over and over again just bothered me. Girls..Women in shirts that are just to small or rather to short and to tight pants. Yes, most of the girls where teens to early 20's showing their tummy's off to the world...and their flab...gross...if you are going to wear a short shirt and tight pants that shows your stomach...please to not have stretch marks or belly flab...no one needs to see this!!! I have found that this a growing trend..let's wear a half shirt and let my flab hang out...No one wants to see your Muffin Top! Yes, I found out what this trend is called...Muffin Top...Get a clue, this is not sexy! I for one would never wear a half shirt out in pubic...I have stretch marks and a little extra plumpness around the middle..thanks to four kids...cakes, cookies, ice cream...okay you get the idea...so NO never would I wear a half shirt to flaunt my tummy in public. I can understand if you are at home or doing yard work, working out..but out in public..come on ladies and yes some men to... I know this is a harsh post...Sorry, but am I really the only one that is tired of seeing half shirts and to tight of pants on girls/women that really do not need to be wearing them? What do you think about this? Please show me that I am not alone in feeling this...lol.. :)

On the family side: We have had tons of things going on around here. Let's see where to begin? We took the kids into Richmond a week or so ago to see the Egyptian Building, it was closed to visitors but we got to walk around the outside and glance in the widows...really wish it were open..bad on my part for not checking, but we will take another trip up there another day..here are some pics of that, it was pretty cool and a cool way for Kiersten to end her Egyptian unit study. The gates had mummies on the inside is painted wild looking, the building is pretty big. Neat place to see..
On Valentine's day we decided to take the kids and get out some...what more shopping..ahhh twist my arm..haha...we had a blast...we were going to go out to eat, but drove around and of course ever restaurant was packed and I mean packed...so we say forget it and went to Sonic (a drive up where they bring you your food on roller skates)..we all sat in the car and had a sorta car picnic...it was pretty fun..we laughed and chatted it up was actually fun...Oh yes, Preston had a date for the Valentine's Dance at school, of course I did not get to meet her...I had to drop him off, no parents..lol...here he is before the dance...
As far as other awesome things..my youngest that hardly ever talks, he only says moma and dada...said Clues Clue (Blue's Clues) yesterday for the first time...yes we were in tears...been waiting such a long time to hear him say something else...!! And last but not least my 3 year old has a huge addiction to the Wii and wants to play it all the time. Hum wonder where he gets that from? Oh yea...his dad!! :0) Hope all my readers are doing well...as you can tell I am not on blogs to much these days...just so busy...which is nice..but I wanted to say..it is not because I am trying to neglect you all...I promise I will catch up and yes you will have like 10 comments in one day from me...lol....As for those that have given my blog awards..thank you so much..I have been bad and have not posted them, sorry for this..it is all I can do to get a post up these days! What I would love to know is..how do you all keep up with the blogs you read? I have looked at Google reader, but how do you make comments like that? Let me know how you all keep up with them! Wishing you all happiness and love...till I post again...Later Tators! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a MAN Thing?

This post is dedicated to all the men and boys in my life! So here you are Hubby, Sons, Brothers, Dad, Step-Dad, Brother in laws, Nephews, Cousins, Uncles, and Friends! I think that covers all of you..haha! I do know that some women do these things on this list...but this is for my men and boys...So here is my list "It's A MAN Thing!"

1. Peeing Outside (the house is only 10 steps away! Oh that's okay, I can go right here! Even my little men do this..when its warm! :) )

2. Posing with Their Muscles (Mom, can you see my six pack?)

3. Extra Large Tires on Trucks (You know the ones...the wayyyy to big tires..what are you trying to compensate for?) (Kidding..lol)

4. Adjusting (Gosh hunny, in public?...it's okay we all do it!)

5. Comic Books (My hubby has hundreds in boxes...hundreds ladies)

6. Online Games (Yes, I know some women play them to...but what I have seen it is mostly men..and all the time! If they would clean as much as they play..My house would be spotless!)

7. Dirty Clothes Beside Bed (What is it about the laundry hamper...it's right there...throw in your dirty clothes...But oh no..he would rather the laundry fairy pick them up...you know..ME!)

8. Clean A Bathroom...What do you mean? (Ok, some men do this...but none of mine do! Got any hints to help me out on this one..LOL)

9. Non-Shopper (I love my hubby..but hate to shop with him..we are anywhere...10 min he is ready to go..and will let me know this every 10 min..till we leave..haha)

10. 1 Pair of Shoes and He is Happy? (What is that..I have to have at least a black pair, a brown pair, and then some in between, he is happy with one nice pair? Is he nuts? Oh yes..he is..LOL..)

11. Passing Gas or Burping in Public (and thinking it is funny! Yes, I know you know one of these men..lol)

12. Knows Everything There is About a Computer (even if they really do not!!!!)

No I am not man bashing..And just for the record..NO my husband does not do all of these on the list!! This is just for a laugh!! I love all of my men and boys! :) So gals and yes you men....What can you add to the list? Be nice! :)

On the family side! Life has been pretty good, just been hanging out..still trying to get organized, yes it takes forever..when you have tons of crap...lol...Kept a cute little boy the other day he was 3 same as Tristan..they had a blast, playing and running around! Also, we had an awesome family Super Bowl Party here..just hubby, me, and the kids..we made a huge fating spread of food and watched the game and laughed at the commercials! Nothing else has really happened...a little boring around here..but we did get some snow last night...just a tiny bit..but the kids played and played outside today and even got to make a snow man! Hope all my bloggin buddies are doing good...I am not online as much anymore..so I will be posting on my blog about once every two weeks...but if I get the urge it maybe sooner then two weeks! I am trying to talk hubby into getting me a laptop...he is on the computer all night playing his games..yes people..he is a computer hog!!! I have gotten a few awards and have not posted them yet..I am going to try to do that this weekend! Thank you to all who have given my blog awards! And yes, still trying to catch up on blogs..if you have not seen me..you should soon :) So if I get my laptop...I will be able to write on my blog and read more blogs in a timely manner...how nice..that would be..ahhhh just the thought.....okay..anyway..this is it for now...Oh BTW if you are on Twitter...I am on it a few times a day..so follow me and I will follow you back!! :)
Later Tators!!
Told you it was a tiny bit of snow.. :)