Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Preston!

Yesterday on April 9th was my oldest son Preston's 11th Birthday! So I wanted to do a post to wish him a very Happy Birthday! For his bday we went out for Mexican food and had the guys sing to him. He had to wear a purple sombrero which he proudly wore, we took some pics with our camera phone, since my digital camera is missing. So if I can ever figure out how to download those pics, I will post them! But here he is flexing his muscles...(boys will be boys) :) We took him shopping and he picked out a lightsaber that he wanted. When we got home, we had ice cream and so yummy cake. For his other gift from us he is getting a new bike today, so after school we are off to Wal-mart so he pick that out. So all in all he had a great birthday....Shouting out to Preston!!!



More on the Family side: We are headed down to NC on Saturday to visit my parents. And then all this coming week is Spring Break! We decided to wait on going to Canada till the summer. We have been trying to figure out where we want to go for few days..and have not come up with a place yet. May not go anywhere. But I would love to get out of town. Need a break! Hopefully over spring break I will be able to finally catch up on reading blogs. I have not read any! Not ignoring any of you. Been in a blog slump for awhile. And really just a slump all around. So ready for bright sunny warm days to wake me up again. See you all soon on your blogs! Have an awesome weekend!! :)
Later Tators!


Laura said...

Happy happy little man :) Hope its a good one!

Karen Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Preston!!! Sounds like a great day. Love Grandma

Gombojav Tribe said...

I hear Pasadena is a good place to vacation. ;-)

Nina said...

Sounds like he had a great birthday. He can come Dual with Luke who got himself a lightsabor for Easter. The only problem, Thomas wants the darn thing all the time. It is funny!!

Canada sounds like fun!!! I just got my passport in the mail so I can finally go to Canada again for work. It sucks that they make you have a passport now just to go to Canada.

Hope you get out of that slump soon. It isn't easy but I am sure you are filling your life with better things.

I also gave you an award, even if you don't blog much anymore you still deserve it.

Kitty said...

oh looook at those muscles! *wink* Happy Birthday to your little man.

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