Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Lie's Dressing Rooms Mirrors Tell!!!!

Dressing room mirrors are terrible because they LIE! Yes they truly do! I was shopping with my mother this past Saturday and I was trying on clothes, I happen to catch a glimpse of my rear in the mirror..and do you know what...that mirror tried to show me that my bum had cellulite!!!!! What!!!!!! NO heck it does bum is nice and firm..(denial)....and my body is in great shape....(yea right)....where does this dressing room mirror get the nerve to try and lie to me by showing me all of these flaws on my body that I just do not have...Has this happened to any of you out there??? I mean come on...I did nothing to this mirror, but use it to look at the snazzy tank tops I was buying for 6.99 each at JcPenny's...It's job is to show me how great I look so I will buy these clothes...not how crappy my body MAY look in the horrible light of the dressing room....I will tell you that I came home and after my mother left to go home...I went straight to my bathroom..took my pants off..jumped up on the bathtub rim and looked at my bum in the tiny medicine cabinet in this rent a house bathroom...and you know bum looked great, there was no dimples, or that mirror!!! So after getting down and getting the pants back on...I decided after all of the stress that the dressing room mirror had caused...I deserved a off I went to enjoy a little bit more cellulite...I mean...a nice cake....The End! ;)

On the family side...We took another small beach trip, had to get some work done for my hubby's visa so while we were down that way we stayed at the beach for a night. We decided to get a hotel on the strip at VA Beach. It was nice we walked the strip that afternoon, shopping in all of the surf shops and checking things out. When we got back to the hotel the kids decided to head down to the beach for a few.. before the three oldest walked out the door we said...DO NOT GET WET! We could see them from our balcony, so we decided it was okay for them to walk out on their own..with the hopes the older two would be responsible....I was getting things arranged in the room before we went out that night and Terry was watching them from the balcony...and not a few minutes later what happens...the two oldest kids come back with wet legs...Tristan came back total soaked with sand all over him...and crying...they were all walking in the shallow part of the water and he fell and was upset..but I washed him up and he was much for giving the older ones a little responsibility...hum...Anyway, we walked up and down the strip again we wanted to check out the fun park...way to expensive...can we say RIP we walked on the beach side (VA Beach has a paved walkway on the beach side of the hotels) and ran into a playground on the we let the kids play on the playground before heading back to the hotel. The next day we got up and drove to see the USS Wisconsin Battle Ship. It was really neat to walk on this ship as it is still active and you got to see the battle wounds from Iraq. BTW to see the ship is is in the Naval just ask to see the ship! On our way home we saw a blow up toys so we stopped at that and let the small kids jump on the blow ups and then me and the older kids hit a local used bookstore...Yes, I love bookstores...On the way home we took a ferry...And that was pretty much it..just a simple trip..we did not really go on the beach to the weather people said it was going to be chilly and rainy...It was not..but we had nothing to go on the beach with and I was not about to spend a ton of money getting the actual beach will have to wait till our next trip...I think Tristan was fine with that after his wash out...
Other then that nothing else has really been going on...Sebbie just got over a small bug...but he is now feeling better for now we are just hanging around and ready for school to be out...last day here is next Wedensday...Yay....just trying to find camps for the kids to go to and figuring out some free things to do this summer...Ahhhh summer....can't wait!!! What are some things any of you are doing this summer...share some of your free summer tips with kids! Would love to gather more options....Posting some pics of our small trip below...hubs will be upset if he sees the last one on you hunny....still have not gotten our other card looked at..I do believe I lost all the pics from our last trip....oh well....Till next time....
Later Tators!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sex Postion in a Door Jam? What?

Warning this post will be a bit more racy then my normal post! Okay, so I received my Glamour magazine in the mail a week or so ago and as I was flippin though it..this is what I saw....

So of course, I went right to study this article and died laughing...are these positions for someone that is 20? I mean come on....You can seriously get hurt doing some of these! Now don't get me wrong I am all for a new position but...I really don't want to end up in the ER doing it! Okay let us go one by one on these positions.....

1. This one...not to bad...easy well for me..haha...and that is important...but this one is basic
2. What door jam? If you have a bathroom in your bedroom, door jam is way to small! I am also not to sure if I want a splinter in my back? And hello we have four kids...we can not just bust up and have woopie with the bedroom door open and do it right there in the door jam.....Oh my gosh my children would be horrified...and scared for
3. As stated in this picture my thighs are so out of shape....guess I could get them in shape while doing this one...hum....haha
4. This one is the funny one....uhhhh no I am way to clumsy to balance myself to even attempt does not look comfy for either person...and my husband has a bad neck anyway...yeap....37 will do that to you....well that or me crashing and flippin our car on Christmas Day 2006...That might have done it....hum...maybe... ;)

Okay, so sex as we all know can be wonder and fun....but if you cause serious injuries to yourself or your partner.....that is no fun! So be careful...find the positions that work for you...don't be scared to try new ones....that do no cause injury...and have love to hear your comments on these positions...or hey, any other ones..... ;)

On the family side! Yes, I know a family side on a sex position post..haha..but here we go...I promised cheap travel tips...well our vacation was really cheap to be honest, cept the food cost of course. I will share this soon. I would be sharing now, but I have had a devastating camera that I lost then found and was soooo happy that I located it..did me wrong...I took pics from Preston's bday...our long trip...and then Sebastian's all I had about 250 photos on my camera...I was getting ready to download them and it said....CAN NOT READ CARD....So as of right now I cannot get my pics off my camera....we looked this up online and it seems this happens a lot! So if you take pics with your digital..make sure to get your pics off as soon as you can..and remember that your memory card does not last forever, you need to get a new one every keep this from happening..that is if you take a million pics like we do!!!! This is your tip for the week! Take it to you do not end up like me and lose precious pictures!!! We are going to try to take the card to a photo specialists to see if they can get the pics off...but I am doubtful... :( To end on an up note, today is Friday! Yay! So you all go out and have a wonderful weekend!!!
Later Tators!