Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camp Fever!!

It's that time again...what time.....Camp Time.....can you smell it in the air...I can....Both of my oldest will be heading off to camp in the next few weeks, and they are both very excited. Why you wonder? Well to get away from parents of course! I mean really, all you that went to camp, is that not why you went? NO PARENTS to tell you what to do, just cool teenagers that like to have fun! Remember those low key summer's. Ahhhhhhh camp....I want to go! But my camp would be more like this....Parent's Only..Sleeping late, no one asking for breakfast. No washing clothes. No cleaning up...oh no..that is what the teenage camp counselors are for...Cooking heck no..not me! Pj's all day...yay...well unless I was going swimming in my who cares swim suit, no reason to look sexy...cause we would have separate pools...married parents and single parents. So I would be at the who cares married pool. You single parents can still look good all you want...I am happy being a slob now....LOL... No air condition...oh no my camp would be luxury all the way babe...(see pics ;) )I mean really if you are going to dream, dream big right! The big thing I would want at camp..NO KIDS!!!! Yes, that is right....alone...alone....alone....Yes, I do love my kids..but come on a vacation without them...now that would be awesome! That is what my camp would be like...what about yours??

One the family side: Not to much going on here, just relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. We have not really been anywhere since the last time I wrote. Reason being vacation is great, but expensive! So our vacations will be here at home for now. We are having a visitor come for a little while. My niece will be visiting and heading off to camp with my daughter and then will come back and stay a week with us...so when I have all the kids together we will do some field trips..We are finishing up Ancient Greece, so we hope to do some field trips to go along with Greece. We will be starting on Ancient Rome for all of July, looking forward to that, think it will be lots of fun! Trying to keep up with learning through the summer! Kids hate it of course. Their comment "It's summer, our time off!" Me " What time off? I never said that." AHAH...Mom wins! Why...well cause I am MOM...Superior being...LOLOLOL....

Wanted to say Hello to all my friends on here...I am highlighting all of my followers since I have been a very slack blogging buddy. I am trying to get around to you all! But I mean it's summer...I am outdoors..and no laptop yet. Maybe one day my hubs will get me one.....yea right...LOL....Have a great week!
Later Tators!