Friday, July 24, 2009

What It's Been Over A Month Since I Have Posted??

Wow it has been over a month since I posted on my blog...what in the world. Oh yea, it's summer and lots and lots of things have been going on...this will be a family picture blog only this here is what has been happening in our lives....tons of photos below!!

The kids went to camp...Kiersten and her cousin B did not have to much fun and called to come home early, I was going to make them stick it out. But there was a person issues at hand so I went to get the girls early. Preston on the other hand had a blast when he went to camp and wished it was not ending. So you can see...moody teens and camp does not niece stayed with us for a little over a week and we all had a blast. We went and walked around downtown Richmond so she can see some sites. We went shopping at the mall and ate a huge way to expensive dinner that I was irritated about...I mean come on there was 6 of us, Preston was still at camp. Burgers and Fries at Spinnakers....70.00....What??? Are you kidding me? Never again my friends will I eat there! Anyway...Onward...We did our Greek Olympic games in the back that was a tons of fun! We came up with tons of games to play and held our own Olympics and we even ate Greek snacks and drank grape juice...loads of fun!

We took the kids when Preston came home to Bells Isle in Richmond. It was a pretty neat place. We did not explore the island very much we went mainly to swim in the river. We had our very own little spot on these huge river boulders it was nice...the kids played in the river and had a blast. Make sure if you go to Bells Isle you wear swim shoes!!

The next day was July 4th and we took the kids to Kerr Lake to swim, which I have to say I liked better then the river. It was more relaxing of a swim when you have toddlers. It was only 4 dollars a car to get in, it had a sandy beach area and a roped off area to swim...besides all the rednecks..its was

That night we did our normal fireworks in the yard...they were okay this year..hubs tried his best, some of the fireworks just did not want to corporate! lol...but all and all we had a wonderful time.
We took B home the next day and hung out with my Mom and my Sister Jen and her family. So that was nice to see them. She has such a beautiful family!

Other then those events not to much else has been going on...I did forget to announce that my brother's baby was born at the end of May, they had another little girl and they named her Caroline. She's a cutie! I decided to take just Tristan with me to see the new baby Kiersten was sick so she could not go. Tristan and I had a great time. We went and saw the new baby and Tris also got to see Katie his cousin. Then I took him off to feed the geese and on the way home we stopped at a little carnival and had some one on one time. We had a very nice time!

*** Tip of the day if you do not have life insurance...get some!!! That is what I finally got my hubs..he really needed more life insurance, I mean really he is the only one that works in this family okay outside of the home...and if something happens to him...ummm...I don't want to have to go back to work....oh no...I love staying at home it!!! So life insurance was a

Oh yes and there is one other huge think I wanted to announce! We will be moving very soon...yes that is right...I am moving out of this tiny town in Virginia....where you ask.....well hubs got a new job in Idaho....the jobs location is on the border of Idaho and Washington State, so we are looking in those two states for a house to your Southern Hippie will be moving to the West Coast...crazy I know!
Trying to find movers for cheap, trying to pack, making all the appointments one last time (dental, vision, etc) trying to figure out when the move will happen and all is making me a crazy person! My hubs will leave us in Aug. to go start his new job. As soon as he finds us a house to rent we will be moving up that way. So say the least I could be stuck here by myself for months to come... Prayers are needed for us! I pray he finds us something fast!! Fingers crossed!
So what do the kids think of the move? Well, they are fine with it..little nervous but excited. Well, until they found out there was no sweet tea and grits there...LOLOLOLOL...I told them we can make it at home...hahahahaha....! My children are total southerns! Hope no one makes fun of our accents...but hubs is for sure they will...haha...Oh well....The older kids dad is fine with the move, he works all over the US so he will still be able to see them. So all in all this is a good move!

By the way, my hubs got a new job the same day my new friend Tiffany came to hang out! Can you believe that! I finally make a friend in this town and now we are moving!!! What is up with that? But hey she must be a good luck charm! :)

As you can tell I changed my header picture. I finally got around to doing our yearly photos I will try to remember to share those next time, I feel like there is enough pics on this post..don't one picture for my header is the best one of all four together out of what felt like 100's of pictures...say the least trying to get four kids to smile at the same time is getting harder and harder... ;)

Well, that is it for now! I was going to do a funny post, but that will be next time. Wanted to do a catch up blog for my own sanity before I forgot everything..haha...

Hope all is well out in blog land, what have yall been up to??!!!!
Later Tators!!