Thursday, August 27, 2009

Single Mom Again? How Did That Happen?

No, I am not getting a divorce. My hubs is just MIA....well, actually he is in North West Idaho working at his new job. The kids and I are waiting here in Virginia for Terry (hubs) to find us a new home. I'll tell ya this waiting game is noooo fun! But rest assure he will find us a home soon. I guess if I was not so picky about where I want to live and the size of the house, we may have already found one. But I am a country girl at heart and all we are finding are homes in the city. When we do make it to Idaho or Washington State which ever we find a home in...this blog will take on a whole new meaning...Southern girl living in the North West. Hum....should make for some interesting stories!
Hubby said the towns have tons of things and tons of restaurants, unlike wear we live now! So I asked him...have you seen a Southern Buffet we can eat at...yet..LOL..... ;) Just to let you know..if you have not already guessed...the answer was a big fat NO......Darn!!
As for now, I am getting back into the ropes of being a single mom. I have to admit...I am seeing the little things my hubs did around the house. What! Did I just admit that? lol! Okay, let me he is not a huge cleaner, but he did make sure the trash was taken to the dump almost ever day. And he did do some laundry when I begged him to..but what he really did, was just be here! See since I stay at home all day while he is working... for some dumb reason there is this feeling inside of me that says...okay girl, get doing some your hubby will not think you are just lounging around all day....Now yes ladies, I do homeschool and take care of children all day..but I reckon some cleaning can be done. If you have read any of my previous post you have found that I am sorta a slob. No this is not passed down from my parents to say the mother is a clean which is what I think is a great and legit reason that I am a slob! Love you mom! But really I think your neatness backfired on me and well...made me slobby....okay, really I cannot blame my mother for my hate of I will just sit here and wonder why I am the way I am...and wish with all my might that I could find a hypnosis tape to make me be a clean freak! But until this happens....I will try to get my cleaning done..even though my hubs is not here to impress...sad isn't it? Okay, really my house does not belong on CleanHouse (a show) or anything like that so don't get me wrong. We are not nasty! LOL......just disorganized.....but isn't that life anyway? Well, my life I guess...

So what else has been going on? School! Yeap, like many of you parents out there school has kicked in or will be soon for some of you....and I am missing summer already! I miss my lazy days of doing NOTHING!!!!! Just hanging out with the kids and playing games. Now, we just long for the weekends for our sleeping in days ;) But with packing up the house coming soon...sleeping in will have to take a backseat for awhile. :( Other than school nothing else has really been going on...Oh, I did have my wisdom teeth pulled...that was a barrel of fun! Let me tell ya..35 is way to old to be having that done! But the pain killers were nice...haha...Kinda gave me flash backs to my younger years of partying....but that is all I am going to say about that... ;)

So as you can see...not to much going on....little boring around here...but since I have not wrote in a while I thought I would do a quick post! Hope you all had an awesome summer! :0)

Later Tators!