Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Tristan!!!

Today is my little man's 4th Birthday!! The kids made chocolate chip muffins for Tristan's bday this morning. And later we will be taking him out shopping so he can pick out what he wants for his birthday. Tomorrow my mother is coming up and she is bringing one of her famous homemade chocolate on chocolate cakes that Tristan has requested, and we will have a small family party for him tomorrow. Hubby called this morning upset that he cannot be here...but we all know why..
I cannot believe that he is FOUR!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Tristan!! We love you!!!

Also, today is also one of my very best friends Tami's birthday!! I will not say her age...But I did want to shout out a huge...

Happy Birthday Tami!! Love you girl!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Later Tators!!