Friday, October 9, 2009

Potty Training, Gem Mining, and Votes Needed!

Hi all! We are sitting back today enjoying a day off, no school...but yes as work to do! I did want to drop in and do a short blog today..

So what has been on around here? Well, besides my hubs living in Idaho and me and the kids still here in Virginia...not to tell ya I have found it harder this time around kinda being a single mom...Having four is keeping me on my toes, I really am seeing the and missing the things my hubs does around the home. Missing him terribly!
We have had a lot more trouble then we anticipate finding a home in Idaho...The trouble...well the homes in the area we need to live is very expensive for a large family home, so right now decisions are being made on what to do..will keep you posted on those big decisions!

Other then that life has been pretty normal, kids have started to get excited about Halloween coming and me trying to figure out what we are doing for this special time...trick or treating here in this town, go to a mall, or go to my mom's in North Carolina since it is on a weekend...hum...not sure yet! What are you all doing? Not even sure what the kids are going to be yet. I do things so on the last minute. haha.

We did go gem mining and the kids had a blast, the kids found all sorts of gems. Sebastian liked playing in the water most of all! :) The kids got to sit with the owner and listened as he went over their stones and told them what they all were. Here is a couple of pics from our Gem Mining Trip...and yeap it was a school field trip ;) The last picture is of a Garnet. With our purchase of the huge bucket we get a free gem cut. So I am getting a rather large Garnet cut for me! Hey I paid right...and it is my birthstone! ;) I will show the after results when I get it. Should be back in about two weeks!

BTW during the gem mining trip, Sebastian was all over the place so I held him for a long time to keep him from getting into things, that heavy little man messed my back up and I was out of commission for a few old is something else isn't it?

Hum, what else...Oh yes, my youngest I do believe is finally ready for potty training! Oh this should be fun...umm okay not so much..he has started taking his diaper off every time he pees...ohhh hello little dude..those are expensive...on the pot you must go! Wish me luck and cross your fingers for us...praying it goes smoothly..but I do have a feeling it will be hell...LOL...any tips out there for someone potty training a non-agreeable child? ;)

So say the least not to much else is going on....But I will end this short blog post on...a here I go...

I entered my son in a Gap Casting make sure to vote for will have to sign up for an account it takes just a min. to do it...His other two pics are still being approved..Ignore the M for his last name..I thought they wanted a middle fault and I cannot fix is the link...btw my daughter took the pic of tris below...:)

if you cannot get the link to can go to this page...

and enter his entry number is..


Thank you!! :)

And hey don't forget to sign your kids up! You can vote once a day! So please vote...there are some real cuties on there!! :)

That is all for now..I know boring! LOL..but we really do not have to much going on around here at the moment! I think that is a good thing right...LOLOL
Later Tators!