Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Better Late Than Never Halloween Photos 2009

Hello all,
So as usual it has been awhile since I have posted. But I did want to do the mom thing and show our Halloween pics! :) Besides getting ready for Halloween not to much else has been going on around here! To be honest I am just glad Halloween is onto Thanksgiving...My favorite fating day of the year! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Just wish hubs was here. Crossing my fingers he will make it for Thanksgiving but it is not looking good. The kids and I have not seen him now for almost three months. I tell ya I really don't know how all these military people do it. I miss him terribly and cannot wait to see him. What is going on with all the moving and such? Well, at this time we are still making decisions that hubs does not want me to discuss to much...but as for now the kids and I are most likely spending the winter here in Virginia. Praying we will at least see Terry at Christmas! And since I know my hubs is reading this way out in Idaho and most likely shaking his head at my spelling and grammar!! I want to shout out a huge I Love you Terry and I miss you way more then words can type or say! :o)

Other then this family loss of time together..nothing has been going to much. Like I said just doing the Halloween thing and now recovering from it, and moving on to the next Holiday...and then the next...I really cannot believe that Christmas will be here soon. I have not bought a thing...and refuse to till later on....Thinking it will be a homemade Christmas this year!! Well, Santa will still come but for everyone else it is homemade gifts baby!!

Okay, so onward to the Halloween pics!!

Kiersten and Preston did their pumpkin carvings this year! Started out rough but ended good. With the the two youngest we did the little puppy and cat Mr. Potato head they were cute. Tristan did paint the back of his. Poor Sebastian slept though it all. But it is okay, he would not have really been into it anyway. We made one for him!

We stayed in town this year for Halloween..the first year I have missed going to my mom's since my first child was born (13 years). I have to say I was not impressed with this small town. Our candy count was sooooo low I went and bought the kids candy so they would have some....I mean come on...I remember when I was young we would trick or treat forever...our bags would be full and we would have to run home to get another bag to fill those were the days!! Next year we will pick a better location!! Terry was not here of course since he is Idaho..but he did do the pass out candy thing so he could be apart of it all and see all the cute and scary kids.... Here are the pics from our trick or treating night. Kiersten dressed up just for fun...she was an Egyptian Princess, Preston was as you see Darth Vader, Tristan was Iron Man, and Sebastian was an Unhappy best part of this Halloween is that during Trick or Treat was in the 70's...One of the warmest nights we have had in a long while for Halloween....wish it would be like that every year! Now see my daughter wore a tank top outfit, she was going to wear a coat over it...we had no idea it was warm outside...we all dressed for the cooler weather..when we got out and found it was soooo warm it was to late to go back in and change outta the warm clothes I was in and the clothes under the kids outfits...I was so hot walking around I wanted to take my soaks feet were on fire...but I did not want to look like a redneck out on the street corner taking her socks off in the mist of all the Trick or I suffered in silence! ;) Here are all my babes dressed up! Seb's did end up falling asleep during the walking around..poor little man..he misses a lot...but when he gets in that stroller...he relaxes...and I was not about to carry him around when we were half way through....he weighs a ton!

Hope you all had fun on the scariest night of the year ;o)

Hope all is well with everyone!!
Lator Tators!!


Kaleena said...

Awesome! And it has only been a few days so you're really not that late!

Susie said...

It looks like you had a GREAT Halloween even though your hubby wasn't there.

Nina said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. I love how you did the pumpkins, very cleaver for the little ones.