Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween/Fall 2010 and Birthday Love

What I have not posted in a while....SHOCKER....lol....We have had so much going on I really will have to do a two part post back to back do to all the pics and infoI want to post. That is not happening today though. I just wanted to stop in and say Hi to everyone! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween and I hope everyone is having an awesome Fall! I will of course post a couple (or a ton) of our Halloween/Fall pics, I changed the blog title pic to our newest and favorite Fall pic!
So what did we do for Halloween this year? We did a trip to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins, do the hay maze and right the hay wagon...we did our yearly pumpkin carvings, and drum rooollllll we went Trick or Treating...lol....
May the rest of your Fall we wonderful and get ready for Old Man Winter...he will be here soon! So without further do.....Here are our Halloween/Fall 2010 Pics.... :O)

Sebastian as IronMan

Tristan as War Machine (ironman sidekick)

Kiersten as a Lady Bug
Preston as a Scary Monster


Oh yes one more not to add to Fall....my hubby Terry had his Birthday in Oct....he is not with us right now he is working in North Dakota...so we had to celebrate on Skype...but even though it has passed...I wanted to spotlight him on my blog...I love you Terry and I hope you had a wonderful Birthday..even if we had to spend it online..no matter the distance...I am always here for you and love you more everyday!!

Till next time....Later Tators!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Tristan!!!!!

This past Saturday was my second youngest Tristan's 5th birthday. Tristan had been looking very forward to this day for a while. He had been sharing with me everything he wanted and even going as far as pausing commercials, and then getting me come into the bedroom by telling me Sebastian needed a diaper change just to get me to watch these commercials...say the least this child wants everything..lol..he told me that he found out his name was a girls name and a boys name..so in his thinking this meant he was allowed to play with both girls and boys toys...LOL...smart kid!
Tristan is blessing to me and my husbands life just like all of our children. Tristan is so caring and loving and basically a joy to be around. He loves to help and of course loves to play outside. He is such a loving child...
Happy 5th Birthday Tristan!!

Tristan wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for his bday..cause well that's where a kid can be a kid...and yes he kept saying that....so off we went. All the kids had a blast even the two oldest since there are vid games there of course..here some pics...

After CC we went and ate Mexican..yum yum...the waiters all sang Tris happy birthday in Spanish and English and he got to wear the hat...


Then off to shopping for him to spend all the bday money he got in the mail from grandparents and aunts and uncles....boy that was a long trip...then home we went to have cake and open presents...we got to have daddy and his aunt and uncle right in our living room thanks to skype, so that was nice to celebrate with others far away!

We ended the night chatting with daddy on vid skype and playing outside in the dark..always fun!

Tristan and I went out today and got a few more things he wanted with the rest of his money..and what..he got a spiderman bike..yay..my baby will finally ride a bike and not a big wheel...moving up in the world....

So yes I know his bday has passed..but hey like I always so this is my blog...

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TRISTAN...WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later Tators...