Friday, January 22, 2010

Are Stay At Home Mom's Clean Freaks?

This will be a quick and to the point post...hubs has been at home and I just cannot seem to write, clean, stop eating, etc. when he is you hun! :O)

If I'm a stay at home mom, does that mean I should be a clean freak? Cause I am here to tell you..I am NOT...I disliking cleaning very much..but love to live in a clean house. Honestly I feel like the perfect Christmas gift for me would have been a maid service. I mean really have someone come twice a week. How awesome would that be? I would have them do the laundry of course and clean from top to bottom. Dust the blinds, clean the toilets. Really imagine how much time you would have to hang out with the kids, go on field trips or just go out and play. Cleaning my house takes wayyyyy to much time. Yes, I have four kids and yes they kinda sorta help clean. But really as soon as you leave one room nice and gets messy in an instant. Why? Cause everyone wants to be in the clean room! Honestly, I think living in a smaller house would be better. Easier to keep clean...Well, I think at least! So for my family that is reading this post! Thank you for all the gifts this year...I have no complaints on any of is the thought that counts of course...and you people are awesome! But a beg for next year...all of you go in together and get me a year's worth of cleaning services...that would be a gift I would not just set aside...It will be a gift that I can jump for joy for and say sure..come and is CLEAN! No need to call before hand...just come on over!! lol....Love ya! ;o)

On the Family Side!
Yet another year has come and gone..and oh what a year it was! Things that have been going on since my last post...Well, Christmas of course! Christmas was wonderful, we did Santa thing..visiting the mom thing...and then visiting the dad tons of gifts and had tons of fun...Kids got spoiled and all of our tummy's got..well, there you have it all in a nut shell...Oh, yea did I mention that my hubby got laid off right after Christmas...yeap that's right...just a few days after Christmas...what fun news that was! Lucky for us we have savings...cause really, as long as it takes to get unemployment here in VA is just plain ridiculous! Hubby has a new job now and starts this the Lord has been looking out for us as always...what an awesome Lord he is!
Okay so I will as always post a ton of pics..why? Just in case my pictures do not save to my memory stick, I will have some of my most cherished ones on here! Yeap, the old computer died and I lost about 6 months of pics...which in my family is a ton of pics!! So here ya go...Holiday pics...

Christmas 2009...

New Year's 2010...What is drinking Champagne? Yes, we let our kids take a small sip every New Year's....and yes my two year old still drinks a bottle...why you ask..cause he likes it that way! I have tried to break him..he is not into it..believe me I have tried there ya go....He will give it up one day...just not now.. ;o) Onward to the New Year's pics!

I hope all you had a great Christmas and I hope the New Year is treating you all great!!!
Later Tators!