Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Preston!!

Today my oldest son turns 12..Wow does time fly!! Preston is growing up into such an awesome young man...He loves Science and his dream at the moment is to be a Rocket Scientist and work for NASA...Hum, I could imagine saying my son is a Rocket Scientist..LOL...He just won second prize at the school science fair and will be competing at a huge science fair on the I am wishing him luck on that! Today we are going to eat out..his choice and just hang out some..tomorrow we are headed down to NC to spend the day with relatives and celebrate his and Sebastian's bdays...Sebs will be 3 in 9 days..yes you will see a post on him to...But today it is all about Here's to you Preston.....May your birthday weekend be awesome!! :o)

Happy 12th Birthday Preston!!!!!

We Love you!!!

On the family side: I know it has been a while since I have posted...we have done all sorts of things...and yes I have tons of pictures to post....this are a couple of our Easter Pics below..we had a wonderful Easter...We did our Annual Easter Egg Hunt, we hid 84 eggs!! Then the Easter Bunny came...Kids had a blast..and yes my older two join in the fun to..Hey if they want candy...they hunt for it..LOL....It's a win win..they get candy..I get my pictures!! ;)

We have tons of other things and gone other places that I want to share..but that will be a long post and today is about I will be posting a long post next week to catch you all up on what has been going on....till then...Later tators!!

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Nice. And a happy birthday to preston as well.