Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sebastian turns 3!! And Happenings in Our Lives!!

This post is dedicated to my youngest Sebastian! He turned 3 this past Sunday on April 18. This is the first chance I have had to sit and write a post so I wanted to make sure it was for Sebbie! It is hard to believe that I have no more youngest is a toddler and full of energy and life. He loves to play outside and loves all of his electric toys, specially his little orange laptop. He plays on this laptop a lot, he has learned his letters, numbers, big and tall, and how to spell..yes how to spell all in this laptop and another Apple toy he got these at Christmas and learned all of this over the past few months! Hum, an Einstein? Guess time will only tell..either way Sebastian brings joy to our lives everyday and when he smiles he can light up a room...but it is really hard to get that smile on went out and ate Mexican for his he would not wear the hat..haha...we got him a huge Iron Man which he loves...why...becasue you can push a button and mke him talk..anything to do with buttons and making something happen...that is what Sebbie loves!! We celebrated his bday early this month along with Preston's down in NC with family, we had tons o fun!! I know his bday has already past..but that is okay...this is my blog... ;o)
So here's to you Sebastian my 3 year old!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday Sebastian!!!

We Love You!!!!
On the family side: So I said I would try to write a blog earlier but it did not here is a couple or a ton of things that have been going on in our lives...We are still in VA...shocking I know! Hubs is working full time but at a temp job. So yeap we are still job hunting, I tell ya finding full time jobs now a days is tough! We do have an app. out for a job in Florida..keeping my fingers crossed for that one..would love to move to Florida!!! I mean really the warmer the weather the better..I am southern ;o) and we like it warm!! We did have chilly winter this year and a ton of snow,, sure we had tons of fun...but I could also have tons of fun hanging out somewhere are some snow pics from this year!

Let's see playing catch up on some of our happenings this year...when it is cold I stay home and inside..I know like a huge bear right..but now that it is starting to stay warm, we have been out on some are a few...
First we went to Petersburg VA to Petersburg National Battlefield to see all the Civil War sites...Here are some pics from that trip, I have to say it was really interesting! Well, okay interesting to us adults... ;)
Second we stopped by Tuckahoe Plantation, which is Thomas Jefferson's boyhood home! We made this a side trip during the week..we were on that side of town because we were getting Seb's ears checked...he had tubes put in and we were just getting the after surgery check done. Now I have to say this place was pretty cool. We did not tour the inside of the home, but we walked all the grounds and gardens. Just beautiful! A wonderful place to have an outdoor wedding for sure! Kiersten took most of the pictures which she does now mostly, she does an awesome I smell a career in photography for her...maybe! :) Here are some pics from that trip...Terry was at work this trip, he was missed... In the pics below show the slave quarters (11th pic down) lived in by the staff for this place...the school house where TJ went to school (10th pic down)..stables (8th pic down)...their old kitchen, smoke house (9th pic down)..along with other houses for different needs...and gardens..lots of gardens...oh and of course..his house! (4th pic down)
Other then those couple of trips so far nothing else has been going to much...we are studying Countries around the World in school and I have to say it is interesting to see how other countries do things! Oh yes...and Preston did awesome in the Central VA Science Fair! he won the Red Ribbon..second place! Yea Preston!!
So there pretty much caught up..since I posted the Easter Pics on the post before this one...I will leave you with one last pic..we did family pics for an early mother's day for is that pic...with my in the middle and my brother's wife and children...
Hope you enjoyed the million pics I are never missing around here..haha...hope you are all doing awesome and enjoying this wonderful spring weather!! Till next time...Later Tators!!

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