Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Only as Old as You Feel!

Trying to figure out when 36 became the new 86. Well, at least for me! This has been a week from hell. I somehow messed my back up and could not walk! Yes, could not walk..have you ever seen a sitcom and the person is stuck on the floor and calling for help..but they are naked? Well, that was me on Friday minus the naked part, got up out of bed and made it to the wall and hung on for dear life and could not move any more, my lower back just did not want to support me at all. Thank the Lord hubs was here and came to rescue me! I hung around and tried to get a doc appt for that day, but no such luck. On Saturday I decided I could take the pain no longer and went to the ER. You should have seen my poor hubby trying to help me out of the car and walk slowly into the ER..all the while he was holding my that! If we were tons older, people would have been looking at us and saying..awwww would you do that for me I do when I see older people and the man is caring his wife's purse for her because she is walking with a walker....Anywho... They took x-rays and found nothing wrong, so they sent me home with pain killers...oh fun...cannot stand taking meds. But they did yea for me! Anyway so I had started to feel better since the meds were working..then BAM I started getting this weird pain in my chest and stomach, tried again to get a doc appt. no such off to the ER I go again..cause the pain meds for my back were not working for this horrible pain. After tons of test and ultra sound they think I have a bad Gal Bladder..which is what I told them when I got there because gall bladders are bad on my dad's more pain meds and they also set me up for some other scans and maybe a scope...yuck... to see what is going forward to today..still in tons of pain from the Gall Bladder..but now a kidney stone has started to move....kid you not...I am feeling 86..I guess when I go back I will be on more I will have like 8 bottles hanging around the house and have to get a pill box to tell me what time to take them all....this is insane...Okay, I know do I want a little cheese with my whine....but hey this is my blog and I can whine if I want to...whine if I want would whine to if it happen toooo you!!! lolol......I do have to yell out a huge Thank You to my family for helping me through all of this and trying their best to keep the home clean without me and cooking and everything...I do have to say I liked being waited on at first...but now all I want is things back normal....Okay let me re-say that...I like being waited on...if there was no yes if I win the lottery anytime soon...I will have a wait staff...but since that is most likely not going to happen...well anytime soon.....the sooner I can get back to cleaning and cooking the better...cause the house does stay a lot cleaner with me doing it...but I am not complaining....they are all trying their best....and that is all I am asking for...hum...maybe I should get my mom up house would sparkle after she gets done with you mom! Oh yes, I also took updated pics of my all new pics on the side bar as well as the tittle...I love them and think they turned out awesome! So Love my family!! :O) Well, there ya go..that is some of what is going on in my life! What is going on in yours??

Later Tators!!


Mel R said...

Oh no! I had the SAME back thing happen to me one week ago. I am not even sure what caused it, surely nothing to warrant the pain I was in. I literally couldn't stand unassisted for two days and spent a total of 4-5 days in bed because I simply couldn't tolerate getting up at all except to pee which was torture. I was more stubborn and didn't go to the doctor though. I'm just weird that way but hubby was getting worried about me. Luckily it started to finally get better two days ago and the past two days I've been able to get around. It's taking a LONG time to heal though, even getting better, I still can't bend over to pick things off the floor or lift things that weigh much, etc. I'm 41, not 81. So I know THAT feeling all too well. But I don't have the other issues you have so my goodness, I can't imagine! I hope you get some relief very soon! Hugs!

Christina said...

Your writing is hilarious, it makes me laugh. I hope you're feeling better. I'm following your blog now.