Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wishful Thinking, Among Other Things!

Things I want one day! Or wish I had!! Some sooner then others!!!

1. Limo privacy glass in my van...would that not be great! Kids in the back fussing or asking the famous "Are we there yet?"
2. RV, yes I still have the travel bug...and yes I would want that privacy glass in it also!
3. Another pair of driving lens sun glasses..cannot find them anywhere....
4. A really nicely organized home...hum this one will prolly never
5. A nicely organized and stocked food storage!
6. Kids that love to clean ;o) Had to throw this one in here!
7. A huge savings account and I mean huge..haha.
8. A new Van and no not a darn Mini small I need a large van with bench darn captain chairs!
9. To be able to use the restroom by kids knocking asking me a question or my four yr old just walking in and hanging out!
10. Not to have to worry about having enough money to pay bills!!!!
11. Would love for it to be easy to take a picture with all four of my kids smiling without so much work to get it..haha
12. Animals that feed themselves
13. Clothes that wash themselves, fold themselves and put themselves that would be a dream!! (and no they are not called kids...believe me I have tried
14. A personal chief
15. To be able to get in shape by sitting on the would this not be awesome!
16. Would love for Wii games not to be soooo expensive
17. No scratchable DVD's, CD's, and Games
18. More large bookcases to hold my one major addiction....books
19. To never have to have my car maintain....ever and it still run like new!!!!
20. To never have to clean my house again and it still be clean....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21. To be able to make whoppie whenever and not have to worry about kids this one is coming one day...
22. To be able to afford a VACATION!!
23. Would love to be crafty
24. To be self more off the land
25. not be so lazy...haha
26. To MOVE!!!! ;o)
27. To know that Homeschooling my kids is going to make a better future for them!
28. To be able to see our Canadian family and friends more often!
29. Travel the world
30. To have a government that was worth everything they say they are!!!!!!

This list can go on and on and I know I left tons of things off that I will think about later...but this is okay...what do you wish you had or could do?

On The Family Side....
So I am actually writing two post this am surprised, usually I only get one out a month...but wanted to share what we have been up to...hum..where to start? To play a little bit more catch up....I got my Field of Flower pics done again...location our yard...this is a yearly event in my my family cannot stand..but they put up with it for can see some of my favs on the side here on my blog....and on the header...I will post another blog later showing more of those pics..cause this one will already have enough usual...haha...

Had a day planned of walking history in Richmond VA but we passed by this and changed our plans for some family fun.....and of course the kids had way more fun here then learning about history...haha...

Added two new members to our family....and the kids just love them!!

Beethoven (black/brown) Einstein (brown/white)

We live in a very small boring when something big is we had a bowling alley open here....yea heart attack right....can you tell I am ready to here are some pics from that big event...those who are saying bowling...big deal...if you lived would know how big of a deal it is...hahaha...

Got to go home to NC for a nice visit...My niece turned one so we went to her bday to celebrate and hey got a little swimming in to...had a blast seeing everyone!!

Finally went back to the darn gem mine and got my gem..had it turned into a ring...btw it is a Red Garnette.....see this post for what I am talking about....Gem Mining
Have had tons of water days here at home the old fashion way...with the!!! Way hot in's not the's the humidity...okay had to say that...And last but not least to finish the updates on what we have been doing....we visited Richmond VA Capital Buildings...we had a great time...little hot out..almost 100 but luckily for us a lot to see was inside!!!! Really neat place to go and visit..and best of is free!!!!

Okay so for now I am all up to date...and since it is still close to Father's Day I am shouting out to my dad, hubby, brother, and to all dad's out in never never land...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

So can you say...enough with next time....
Later Tators!!!


momto9 said...

ha ha yes your list just about covers it:)

JoPauley said...

I love your blog and I am a Virginia homeschooler, too...2nd year and LOVING it.
Question. Where did you get the cute owl on the branch? If you in any way own the rights it would make a very cute homeschool design about going "out on a limb."
I am on a mission to find a cool, cute bumper sticker for my car, so if you made it on cafepress or something I WOULD BUY IT!
Haha anyways...glad i found your blog and you have a beautiful family!

p.s. i am on the mission to give up as many chemicals as possible also and I suggest sortacrunchy:


They have GREATLY encouraged and challenged me as i gave up shampoo, face soap, etc. Awesome ideas. I will look at your links - they look great.

Tiffiney said...

thank you both for you comments! :O)

Jo..I tried to get on your page but I could hope you check back here for this comment! First of all thank you for your visit and your nice comments about my page and my family! I never thought about using the owls on my homeschool that is a cute idea you came up with. It is not my design..I got it from Shabby Blogs, link is at the bottom of my site! Use it all you want and you can contact them about your idea! :O)

Thanks also for sending me those two awesome sites! I have wanted to make my own shampoo and soaps for a while now. But have been do by homemade soap from someone sad is that! haha...things have been kinda crazy around here..I will use that as an excuse for now on why I have not gotten off my bum to make my own!

I hope you come back to visit me here! I will be updating my site..just have had tons going on...will be writing about it all soon!

Have a day! :O)