Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eye See You!

So this weeks L.E.N.S. photo challenge was all about eyes....I found this pic and love daughter Kiersten took this picture when my hubs was home for the holidays and we were all going out on the town for the day. My husband Terry was doing that thing all parents do..use the rear view mirror to check up on the kiddos in the backseat..yeap we all do it! Just thought this was perfect for this challenge..can you see the temp in the middle of my hubs

Later Tators!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Timeless Moment...

For the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge this week, I am posting this photo that captured a moment I want to remember...

This photo was taking a few years ago, we had taking our children to my husbands parents home in Canada. We wanted his parents to meet their newest grandson, Sebastian. We were also lucky enough to be able to drive out to stayed a few days at Terry's grandpa's on the way back to the States. We wanted grandpa to be able to meet his newest great grandson.  This is one of my favorite this point in time...these two were the youngest and oldest of the family..Sebastian was five months when this was taken...

**I have to say I am really enjoy these is getting me on my blog more...okay so I have not posted since the last one..but I have been doing some will follow when time allows...whenever that shall be.... ;o)

Later Tators..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

For the Love of Learning!

 L.E.N.S. LEarning Never Stops Photo Challenge

Thought this was a awesome challenge...learning never stops with my family. We love to get and go and we think kids learn best by using their what better way to put those learning senses to work..then field trips! And yes we go on a ton of them. Not sure if this is exactly what was asked, but out of the house and on the go are some of our best learning spots! :O)
North Carolina Science Museum (Raleigh, NC)

Where Are Some Of Your Families Favorite Learning Spots?

Later Tators!

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 A Year Of Making Things Happen!

So it is now 2011 and my birthday has already passed for the year...yeap the big 37 and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up...I really don't think I will ever know. But I have come up with goals for this year, and I am going to stick with them as much as I can. I am tired of things not happening, I am going to make them happen this year. I always say I want to travel a lot more and we don't..well you know what...we are going to travel this year...I don't care if we have to scrape by...We will have a vacation this year and we will go see some new places! You only live once and by darn it I want to travel to places I have never seen...that is the one thing I have always wanted to do...
I also want to get us started on living off grid as much as we can, then every year live off grid just a little more. My other huge goal for this year is to get prepared, the world is going crazy...birds dying, fish dying, poles shifting?, sun arriving early in Greenland. So what is going on? Not sure, but I think for one being prepared should be everyone's goal this year. I am going to concentrate more on our food storage, trying to find a really good hand held water purifier
(does anyone know of a good one that filters hexavalent chromium out among other things?)
Make sure to think about this when preparing, water is not as clean as is was back when...and it certainly will not be any more clean in the years to come.

On the family side...
Anyway, on to happier writing...I am been getting very tired of my surroundings so I have been doing some redecorating, going more toward the boho style and so far I really like it..Sometimes a girl just needs a change! Will post pics when I get a room complete..and when my house is clean enough to take pics..LOL...I try I really do...but really who likes to clean?

So what else has been happening? My hubs is working in North Dakota and has been for the last six months. Luckily he was able to fly home for the holidays, which were wonderful and I will post pics later on..on a catch up blog that I have planned since I have not posted a lot over the last few months..I have tons to share and a ton of pics from our family outings to post. When I find time! Anyhow, living without Terry is hard, specially when you are living in a town you really don't like...but I feel a move coming on in the Spring and I for one can not wait! Where to who knows right now..but somewhere! Need more change then just decorating! But for now decorating will work during the blah winter time!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!!! Make sure to keep up with those goals you set! :O)

Later Tators!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Kiersten!

Okay, so my daughter's bday was on Dec. 7th and I am just now posting it....I have been busy and not online as this is a little late...but hey..better late then never right...she got her party on here is a short post to my one and only daughter....

Kiersten was born on Pearl Harbor I always joke that it is surely the day the bomb dropped for me.... ;o) but really with the birth of my only daughter a path was laid before me that would truly take me on a wonderful adventure of being a mother...Kiersten had colic as a baby and as anyone that had a baby with colic....I went a little yea blame her...haha...kidding....anyhow..Kiersten has been a true joy in my life..even when she has the teenage attitude..which is often, love you Kier! ;o) She is a second little mom to her younger brothers and a huge help to me...she loves animals and loves to take pictures..I really think one day she will have a career in photography....I thank the Lord everyday for my daughter, she is a true blessing.....and a great shopping buddy! ;o)

Happy 15th Birthday Kiersten!!

We All Love You!!

Will be back posting after my hubs leaves again for ND..he is home now for a visit after being gone for six momths....and we are all loving having him home....will update everyone later on why he is is because of other reasons! :O) But that should share a little light on why I have not been posting to lots going on....Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's...
Later Tators!