Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Kiersten!

Okay, so my daughter's bday was on Dec. 7th and I am just now posting it....I have been busy and not online as this is a little late...but hey..better late then never right...she got her party on here is a short post to my one and only daughter....

Kiersten was born on Pearl Harbor I always joke that it is surely the day the bomb dropped for me.... ;o) but really with the birth of my only daughter a path was laid before me that would truly take me on a wonderful adventure of being a mother...Kiersten had colic as a baby and as anyone that had a baby with colic....I went a little yea blame her...haha...kidding....anyhow..Kiersten has been a true joy in my life..even when she has the teenage attitude..which is often, love you Kier! ;o) She is a second little mom to her younger brothers and a huge help to me...she loves animals and loves to take pictures..I really think one day she will have a career in photography....I thank the Lord everyday for my daughter, she is a true blessing.....and a great shopping buddy! ;o)

Happy 15th Birthday Kiersten!!

We All Love You!!

Will be back posting after my hubs leaves again for ND..he is home now for a visit after being gone for six momths....and we are all loving having him home....will update everyone later on why he is is because of other reasons! :O) But that should share a little light on why I have not been posting to lots going on....Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's...
Later Tators!

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