Saturday, February 26, 2011

While Your Were Gone!

This week's L.E.N.S. Challenge is Red. Wow this one was hard for me. I went through tons of pics to find this one. I took this picture in Jan. of this year at the mall. Thankfully for us this section was still up. "Santa, you were gone so we borrowed your seat for few moments!" Yes it was roped off..but I was determined to get this our kids quickly posed so mama can get her pic.. :O) the big man's chair is not centered..but it's the quirky things that make pictures great..right!

This pic really says Red to me, does it say Red to you? ;o)

Later Tators!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spider Babies

L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge entry for the week. It is all about Micro/Macro. I took this pic last year. I was hanging around outside and I noticed this mama Wolf Spider carrying a load, poor thing was dying and her babies were just hanging on. She did end up dying but her babies just stayed with her. I ended up having to move them so they would be safe. It was kinda sad..but I got a great pic of her babes...

Later Tators!

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend...My Hair!

Okay, so this is what has been happening with just me on the subject of hair for the past few months/weeks....I have had what you call a hair crisis. My hair was to my waist..and I had noticed over the past few months that my hair was getting really thin toward the mid back to the ends and also that it seemed like aliens had come into my room at night and started to cut certain parts of my my bangs and so on. It was weird like really weird. So I finally got around to checking out what was going on. I went to a skin/hair doctor and this is what she told me. First question. Have you been under any large amounts of stress lately? Well, who the hell is not under stress right! So yes, my hubs has been away for about 8 yeap stress, he is living in ND for work, I am living in VA. Stress....Have you used any strong products on your hair? Nope, I take care of my hair. Any surgeries in the past year? Why yes..wisdom teeth removal, I was put under cause they were impacted. Well, there ya go. What? Surgery can make your hair go into some sort of shock? My hair went insane and started to break. Nothing I could do. It had started on the inside of the hair follicle, so from about mid back down to my waist it had started to basically break off...damaged..for turning back..notta....all because of stupid wisdom teeth. Is that not crazy? So I decided to right this post for others to be aware, surgery can make your hair go nuts, and you might not even get the results to up till a year after surgery. My surgery was just over a year ago and I just started noticing this hair mess a month or two ago. The doc told me to get all the unhealthy hair cut..take my vitamins and start regrowing! Great.....what fun!

So I went to a stylist and got the girl cut my what was waist length hair up to where the damage had not here are before pics and after pics...I miss my long hair, I keep finding myself trying to move it out the way when I eat and other things..just to find it is not there anymore. I have had long hair most of my adult life, so yes many tears have been shed..but it's hair right. It might grow back long...a long time from
so without further are the before pics...

 and now the after's to the re-growing of hair... :O)

Later Tators!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Floating Buddha

Okay this is for my L.E.N.S. submission...I really said I was not going to do this week since I have not done a real post in a while..but I am addicted to these challenges...really if you have a blog..get with it and do one of these challenges..they are great! :O)

So this one is a PE (physical education) Challenge, we do PE anywhere. When we are on field trips we do tons of walking among other things, when we are indoors there is a ton of playing and running..yes running in the house..and outdoors there is a little and a lot of everything. This photo was taken a few years ago but it is one of my favs....this was taking while my hubs was watching us play around on the oh trampoline...the two oldest getting a workout..and me...well I was along for the without further a it is....

Floating Buddha... ;o)

I have a real post in the yes a post is underway....I promise I have tons to catch up on...just been a busy busy winter...and so far a heck of a crazy year....hope you all are doing well in the new year!

BTW this was right when we put the trampoline up...and the kids were going crazy to get on it..after this photo..we put the net around it...I do highly recommend a net with any trampoline! :O)

Later Tators!!