Monday, February 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend...My Hair!

Okay, so this is what has been happening with just me on the subject of hair for the past few months/weeks....I have had what you call a hair crisis. My hair was to my waist..and I had noticed over the past few months that my hair was getting really thin toward the mid back to the ends and also that it seemed like aliens had come into my room at night and started to cut certain parts of my my bangs and so on. It was weird like really weird. So I finally got around to checking out what was going on. I went to a skin/hair doctor and this is what she told me. First question. Have you been under any large amounts of stress lately? Well, who the hell is not under stress right! So yes, my hubs has been away for about 8 yeap stress, he is living in ND for work, I am living in VA. Stress....Have you used any strong products on your hair? Nope, I take care of my hair. Any surgeries in the past year? Why yes..wisdom teeth removal, I was put under cause they were impacted. Well, there ya go. What? Surgery can make your hair go into some sort of shock? My hair went insane and started to break. Nothing I could do. It had started on the inside of the hair follicle, so from about mid back down to my waist it had started to basically break off...damaged..for turning back..notta....all because of stupid wisdom teeth. Is that not crazy? So I decided to right this post for others to be aware, surgery can make your hair go nuts, and you might not even get the results to up till a year after surgery. My surgery was just over a year ago and I just started noticing this hair mess a month or two ago. The doc told me to get all the unhealthy hair cut..take my vitamins and start regrowing! Great.....what fun!

So I went to a stylist and got the girl cut my what was waist length hair up to where the damage had not here are before pics and after pics...I miss my long hair, I keep finding myself trying to move it out the way when I eat and other things..just to find it is not there anymore. I have had long hair most of my adult life, so yes many tears have been shed..but it's hair right. It might grow back long...a long time from
so without further are the before pics...

 and now the after's to the re-growing of hair... :O)

Later Tators!


Mel R said...

Ack, I feel your pain. But you know, I think you look much better with the new length. It makes you look younger and is very flattering. I had to go through the same trauma in recent years. I always had long waist length hair too up til around late 30's or started to get more dry, a little frizzy unless I use shine's sparse, very thin on one side and in the back, you can see my scalp through it now. So, no more long hair for me, sob. My hair isn't short by mainstream standards but I miss having a veil of it around me. Mostly I miss looking good with long hair. Oh well.

Tiffiney said...

mel we need to hook up on fb....are you on there? :O) and so far..i am loving my new short hair...:O)

Mel R said...

I have a FB link somewhere in my sidebar. I'd love to join you on there!