Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Is In The Air!

Ahhhh Spring is in the air, well okay it was a few days ago. Now it has turned back cold...burrr....that is Southern weather for you. One day it is great and the next your looking for the coat you put away excitably thinking it will be warm.
For us Spring means waking up from the winter blue's and heading outdoors on some much needed learning adventures. This year I finally want to start doing Letterboxing, I have said many times but we are going to do it this year!  I also have a ton of great field trips planned (Washington DC, Space Shuttle Launch, Exploring more of VA and NC to name a few.) hoping we get to all of them before we move. Yes...move fingers crossed and prayers said that my hubs will find a new job somewhere awesome and we get to make sure to say a prayer for us...
Below is a pic my daughter took on one of very fun learning adventures at Tuckahoe Plantation last Spring....Which I have to say if you live near Richmond, VA, you really should stop by and see this plantation it is really nice, you do need appt. to see the inside of the home..but you can visit the outdoors for free...we loved it! This pic says Spring to me...everything green and alive...and there is nothing better then warm weather to get my oldest, my aspiring photographer outdoors for some great photo ops.... :O)

Later Tators!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Me!

Yeap, it's that time again..this is for the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge. The theme is mom in the middle (hand someone else the camera and share a photo of you out in the middle of the action). Well, I was trying to figure out what pic to use and this is the one I came up with...This is me..yeap, just me. The one great pic my hubs has taken of me...this was on our honeymoon we were driving somewhere in Savannah, love love that place...anyway this is someone's driveway...I jumped out and he took a couple of shots...then we had to hurry and jump in the car to zoom off...cause the owners were driving down their driveway..prolly to see what in the world we were doing....yea total free feeling....felt like we got away with without due here it is....Me..a little younger...a little thinner....and feeling free... ;o)

Later Tators!