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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adding to the Family!

Meet the newest member of our family. This little cutie was abandon at the end of our long driveway. These people just dropped her and her mom off...the mama dog did not stick around..scared I guess, but Kiersten caught the little pup. We waited, called and even put food out for the mama dog but she never came back. We went back and forth on what to do with this cute little 8 week old girl. I was not wanting another dog, really I was not. Of course the kids are ready and willing anytime for a new pet. But really training another pup...oh my....I can here my family now...another pet?? But really how can you resist this very cute yeap....she is staying...Say hello to....

Emily is our only girl animal member...I really think that is why it took us a few days to figure out what we wanted to name her. All of our other animal family members have names you all know...Leonardo, Davinci, Beethoven, Einstein, and now Emily...after Emily Dickinson (poet).. ;o) So let's see...two named after an artist, then a musician/composer, scientist, and now a writer...yes...we are

Later tators!

1 comment:

Mel R said...

Oh my word! She is the CUTEST! Lucky you! Why don't people drop off puppies on MY driveway?! LOL