Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day in Time: April 3, 1865 & April 3, 2011

Today April 3, 2011 my children and I rode out to Petersburg, VA to take pictures of the Historic Petersburg Courthouse. Why? We came across a picture in one of our photography books a few months ago, the photo is by Thomas Roche. On April 3, 1865 he took a photo of the Petersburg Courthouse. A little history of that day in time...
(The Petersburg Courthouse, built between 1837 and 1839, was the official Confederate headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg. On April 20, 1861, local volunteers formed in its square to enlist. On June 9, 1864, its bell sounded the warning for the local militia to meet the advancing Union cavalry.
During the Siege, soldiers from both sides could see the courthouse clock from the trenches and they set their timepieces by it. The clock tower was a favorite target of Union artillerists, who poured an estimated 20,000 shells into the city. When Petersburg fell on April 3, 1865 a Union flag waved above it.)
So we all thought it would be really neat to go out on April 3 this year and take a picture of the courthouse 146 years later, and these are our results! :O) 

This is Thomas Roche picture taken on April 3, 1865

Below our all of our pictures taken April 3, 2011

Preston's Picture

 Tristan's Picture

 My Picture

 Sebastian's Picture

 Kiersten's Picture

 After getting our 146 year old picture we headed out to eat some yummy Mexican, and then off to a Carnival they were having in the mall parking lot. Which of course the kids are a couple of our pics from the rest of our day! :O)
Yeap the big looking dorky and Seb looking very happy!
Preston being super cool and riding with Tris for me!
Preston loving the fast swings

Kiersten mid conversation, she was not feeling the rides today

Tristan loving the swings

Loving how much fun he is having

Pres taking Seb on Seb's fav..the big slide

Playing a couple of games..thankfully they did win a fish!!

Tris winning at fishing..but no real fish...just a prize..yay

Tris with his prize

Seb on the way home...we all felt this way..long but great day!

Later Tators!

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