Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Sebastian!!

Today April 18th is Sebastians's 4th Birthday!! My youngest is now 4, no more babies for me!
Sebastian being my youngest is of course spoiled rotten ;o) but he is so lovable, he loves hugs and kisses and loves to play chase. He is a whiz at all of his electronic games and has taught himself his numbers and ABC's with no help from any of us. He is always into something and loves to have fun all of the time. When he is hungry he will not come and tell you..nope not Seb you will find him climbing the cabinets like a ladder to get what he wants. He likes things Seb's way and no one else's, think that comes from being the youngest. When my little one smiles he can light up a room. He keeps me on my toes and I am so very happy and blessed he is in our lives.

Happy 4th Birthday Sebastian!!!

We All Love You!!!

Later Tators!


dad said...

Happy birthday son! I love this pic of you!

Shauna said...

Happy B-day to your handsome son! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from