Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

A note to shout out to my hubby that is far away on our special day! Happy 5 years and many many more to come! Since you are so far away my loving hubby..I really hated to do it...I mean really...but I dragged myself and the kids out of the house..went out to eat Mexican...went shopping...and bought myself many gifts and got the kids some to, really hun it was hard ;o) but really since your paying in all...I decided to send a huge Thank you for our presents!!!

Happy 5 year Anniversary!!!!
 I Love You!!!!

Later Tators!

1 comment:

your sick husband said...

well - i went to the casino - ate food that was really really terrible and lost twenty bucks - so yeah - your end of our special day sounds so much better than mine
enjoy your gifts - i'll just sit here feelin ill from bad food