Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Newest Project!

I built this guinea pig cage a few weeks ago and finally decided to show it off. It is based off of the C&C cage, but mine uses flooring instead of coroplast . I have to say the flooring does not look as nice as the coroplast , but I could not locate coroplast and I had left over flooring..so free works best :O) The only prob I have found using flooring is it does not bend well at the corners so it kinda looks...getto...but hey it works! You do have to be careful when using flooring to make sure your pigs do not chew on it! Lucky me mine do not! It seems most people do fold the fleece over the edges, which might help hide the ugliness of the outside...but I like to keep the fleece folded in half so it is thicker for the piggy's to walk on. I do want to somehow fix the outer look or hide it somehow to look better...but for now it works just fine! The total project cost me about 20.00 and a few hours of work...and yes our pigs love it! :O)

Here is their new two story house now....perfect size for two piggy's... :O)

Also a quick shout out to my niece Caroline..she is 2 today!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caroline!! :O) We all love you!! :O)

Later Tators!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art of Relaxation

One of the differences between teens and little ones is the energy levels! My two older kids can find time to relax all the time! My younger kids are always on the move! They have so much energy they can wear you out just by watching them. I am here to tell you if I had as much energy as my two youngest, I wouldn't have to worry about getting dimples where dimples should not be! Anyhow, when the occasion arises that both pass out from all their running around at the same time...of course pics must be taken. This one is from last year...but it always makes me smile! One looks sooo comfy and the other somehow is comfy...lol...

This photo is being entered into the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge  theme being Comfort!

Later Tators!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Fired!

Yesterday in Virginia was a very very hot day. I was outdoors with my two youngest. They both were jumping on the trampoline. I was sitting in a chair trying to stay cool...what is it with kids and not caring how hot is out?
Anyway, so my...
 5yr old Tristan yells: "Hey Mom, get me a water!"  ( No please...no nothing!)
I look at him and say: "You run and get one!"
He looks at me in shock and yell's: "YOUR FIRED!"
Me: "I don't work for you!"
Tris: "Yes you do! Your my mom"

Now of course I go on to tell him he is soooo wrong....LOL....work for a 5yr old...ha...I take care and love a 5yr old...but in no way do I work for him....or do I? ;o)

Just had to share!

Does your 5yr old think you work for him/her?

Tristan my 5yr old fake smiling..lol...

Later Tators!

Preston Get's Braces

Yeap, that's right. Preston is moving on to a new faze in life...BRACES! He's teeth were really tight in the back so they are put spacers in to help separate his teeth. So next week he will be getting the rest of those tracks in ;)

Welcome to metal world my dear! Love you!

Later Tators!