Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Fired!

Yesterday in Virginia was a very very hot day. I was outdoors with my two youngest. They both were jumping on the trampoline. I was sitting in a chair trying to stay cool...what is it with kids and not caring how hot is out?
Anyway, so my...
 5yr old Tristan yells: "Hey Mom, get me a water!"  ( No nothing!)
I look at him and say: "You run and get one!"
He looks at me in shock and yell's: "YOUR FIRED!"
Me: "I don't work for you!"
Tris: "Yes you do! Your my mom"

Now of course I go on to tell him he is soooo for a 5yr old...ha...I take care and love a 5yr old...but in no way do I work for him....or do I? ;o)

Just had to share!

Does your 5yr old think you work for him/her?

Tristan my 5yr old fake

Later Tators!

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Mel R said...

That is hysterical!