Saturday, June 4, 2011

Passion for Photo's

My daughter has a passion for photography and she really takes such wonderful pictures. She also has an act with computer photo programs and can just transform a photo so easily. I have to say it takes me forever sometimes to get a pic the way I want it to look...specially when it comes to cropping. I mean really I can't let you people see my messy yes cropping is necessary...haha....Anyway some of my favorite pictures are done in black and white...I just love how much better a pic can look by changing it's color. With both my daughter and I taking what feels like millions of pictures, it's good to know how to edit them and make them even more interesting.

Sometimes I feel sorry for my fb friends since I share so many with hubs in ND and us in VA it is a great way for him and our families to see our kids...also taking pics is another great way to document all of our learning adventures! Because we go on tons of those to! :O) So if you have ever wondered why I post tons of you know ;o)

Anyhow,as I was bragging before how great my daughter is with her pics..I am going to show you one of my favorites that she has taken...the pic below is of my son Sebastian, he is sleeping in the car in his car seat....check out what wonderful work my child has done with her editing...yes so proud...can you tell ;o)
This is one of her older pics...but like I far one of my very favorites!

He is so beautiful...even when he is dreaming. ;o)

Sebastian  9/2010
 I am entering this photo in the L.E.N.S Photo Challenge theme dreamy black and white

Later Tators!


Our Peculiar Lives said...

Beatiful edit! I love the touch of colour in his lips.

MomLaur83 said...


Aimee said...

Very nice indeed! She has a bit of a gift doesn't she? My daughter loves taking pictures too. I'm actually doing a little photography curriculum with her next year in school.

Stacey said...

yep...there is something so simple and beautiful about b& brain always goes straight to the subject since there is no color!

Mel R said...


Hen Jen said...

very nice, I like how close you got to the subject, and I like the touch of color, very sweet!

Theresa said...

That is beautiful!

I just found your blog via Home Is Where You Start From! I am so glad I stopped by!