Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do you see what I see?

So what does homeschooling mean to us? Well, that is pretty easy to answer. We take our kids interest to heart and find awesome ways for our kids to learn. The saying "We use the world as our classroom" becomes reality when you don't have to worry about sitting in a classroom for 6hrs a day.
So where am I going with this. Whelp, my oldest son is really interested in science and has mentioned he would love to work for NASA one day. So when I heard a few months ago they were ending the shuttle missions, hubby and I marked the last one on our calendar and worked hard to get hubby home from ND so we could make it to Florida for the last space shuttle launch. Everything worked out and we made it! We even had to stay the night in the car! Yes all six of us! I will be writing later on in another post of why and what else we saw on our adventure..but this is for a photo challenge so let me get to the photo I am entering before this turns into a very long post!
So warning the next post will be about our awesome vacation in FL, GA, and SC...and yes it will be very long with tons of pics of course! :O)

This weeks photo challenge is called...The View From can check it out and enter here...

It was awesome! Something none of us will ever forget!
Later Tators!