Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Love!

So as usual it has been awhile since I have done a post. Life is keeping me pretty busy! But I do want to post some bday love to two special peeps in my life!

First off Tristan my 3rd in line turned 6 on Sept. 25th...Hubs came home for a visit from North Dakota for this special occasion....We had a busy 2 weeks while he was here, we did a double bday party for Tristan and my hubs Terry who just turned the big 40 this month! So below I will share some great pics from their double party! And even though their bday's have past and my post are late as always...I am yelling out....




You both make life very interesting and awesome we all love you very much!!! I hope you both enjoyed your bday party! Here are the pics, ignore the backgrounds in these pics..while family was here they helped move some furniture out and some new stuff was everywhere! :O)

Why Pie? Terry is not a fan of

Me and Sebastian

Katie, Caroline, Sebastian, Tristan

My son Preston

My brother Brian his wife Amanda and his girls Katie and Caroline

My mom and my daughter Kiersten

I am sorry we could not be with you on your 40th Terry, but always keep in mind we love you and you are always with us in our hearts and minds....Thank the Lord for Skype :O) I love you!

Well, that is it for day when I find time I have a million post to write...but I will think about that tomorrow! ;o)

Later Tators!

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Theresa said...

Happy Birthdays! Looks like a fun weekend!!!